Nightout Essentials -Spring Edition

While being all happy about the spring and the colors , one thing that really puts  me off is the uncertainty of the temperature . You get out of your home at noon and the sun is scorching and then you step out of the place in the night , it gives you chills . Being a person who gets cold even at a drop of one Celsius, I keep a few staple pieces for spring nights out  ,which I can just keep at the back of the seat of the car or just put in my bag to be used later . Though many of you might find it a weird post but I felt the need of it any way. So lets jump onto the 3 pieces I absolutely love :

1. Epaulet Drawstring Coat:

This Polyester drawstring coat has to be my favorite piece in my spring wardrobe . As light as it is to carry around, it makes me warm enough to get through those nights when the winds decide to be on the cooler side. The drawstring detailing makes it super easy to adjust the fitting . You can get it HERE.

2. Cotton Embroidered Shirt Dress:

This soft cotton shirt dress is super comfy and keeps me warm through the night if I am out that is . The pocket square design and the embroidery on the sleeves is super neat and subtle .I really like how the cuff can be buttoned up and still the embroidery is visible . The material is super soft and warm which makes it perfect spring wear .You can get it HERE.

3. Aztec Print Pashmina Shawl :

Pashmina is such a staple wardrobe accessory that everyone is bound to have it either as a shawl or a scarf. I picked up this beautiful Aztec printed scarf with tiny tassel details because whatever you are wearing , this multicolored scarf will instantly perk up the whole outfit and ad that necessary pop of color to it . I keep it with me most of the time when I have to switch from day to night while being on the go .. The soft material adds so much warmth that keeps me going through the night without feeling all chilled up .  You can buy it HERE.



These are a few staples from my wardrobe. What things you keep in mind while stepping out during such unpredictable weather ? Do let me know in the comments below . 




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