Saving souls to Rebuilding Lives – Depilex Smile Again Foundation Arranges Interactive Workshop with Acid Burn Victims in Lahore

Being as misunderstood as the term blogger could be , my interests, my activities and my circle is often questioned. What the people don’t know that we get to attend some really amazing ,heart touching events that give us a picture larger than life. Even though I go by the beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle blog , whenever the opportunity appears to attend, what I have been calling “EVENTS WITH A CAUSE “, I never ever give up the opportunity . Being a media person (albeit very small one) I feel like its a responsibility of ours to highlight the brighter aspects of our society other than the social and fashion events. 

On 25th February, 2017 I was invited by DEPILEX SMILE AGAIN FOUNDATION to attend one of their social rehabilitation workshop with Acid & Kerosene burn victims named  “Hum interactive session Lahore chapter 2017”  in collaboration with the Olomopolo Media. The event was attended by some well known faces as Ma’am Massarat Misbah (founder DSF), Dr. Moazzam Tarar (Head of Burn and reconstructive surgical center Jinnah Hospital), Mrs Justice Qayyum, Mr Amjad Islam Amjad ,Ms Khadija Hassan but the highlight of the event remained to be the 16 young Acid Burn survivors ! 

The actual workshop was a day long project where the acid burn victims were brought together to break the monotony of their lives and make them indulge in various activities that were focused on building their self confidence and boosting their morale . As briefed ,these activities included Meet and greet session, Yoga exercises, Theater play, Mirror play, story telling and feedback session. However , what I attended was a rather formal session where the speakers were Dr.Moazam Tarar, Amjad Islam Amjad and Ma’am Masarrat Misbah along with few Acid Burn Survivors who spoke about their experiences .



Dr Moazam Tarar, who is the head at the burn and reconstructive surgical Center Jinnah Hospital ,Lahore, spoke about the many procedures that these brave souls under go to get rid of the scars that this brutal society has put upon their faces and body. What he emphasized more on was that we stress upon the reconstructive procedures more than the rehabilitation processes. The scars and burns could be patched up some how but what has ripped the souls of this patients can only be mended by love, care and continuous moral support .

Speaking to the media and audience , the Founding director of DSF Ma’am Masarrat Misbah explained how the foundation has not only been helping out the acid burn victims through out the country in getting their necessary treatments done ,but also been a vital help in their rehabilitation . She looked no less than a proud mother when she introduced many of her DSF GIRLS (as she calls them) as Lawyers , PhD Students , Health care personnel , Beauticians and much more . What touched my heart the most was how exactly she remembered the names of each of her girls and what is she doing right now . I mean seriously ask me someone’s name I met yesterday and all you’ll get is a poker face ! 

Moments from the various Interactive session during the  WorkshopMoments from the various Interactive session during the  Workshop

Moments from the various Interactive session during the  Workshop

When the Acid Burn victims took the mic ,the  thing in common was their words of praises for the DSF and Masarrat Misbah . With such a motherly figure to look over these girls , they were bound to feel secure and happy . It was such a satisfying sight to see these girls intermingle with each other and crack jokes among each other . Their smiles and small jokes were sending out such a clear message that whatever life throws at you , a little love and care from the right person would always be the reason to spread smiles over your face . What also hit me hard was that we , despite having a good life, keep on crying over the petty matters such as that little pimple that came out last night or how we don’t have enough money today to spend on a lavish dinner tonight . Looking at these brave souls I have found out that true happiness has nothing to do with the color of your skin or the width of your wallet but it depends on the person who loves you ,supports you and helps your grow as a person . I swear the happiness and satisfaction on the faces of these girls was contagious ! 

I am not much of a person who goes on interviewing people on and about rather I prefer to sit back and observe people . It was so heart touching that how these acid burn victims belonging to different ethnicity  and regions were bonded together like a family . Exchanging their experiences , their ways of coping up with what the harsh society throws at them and how they are now supporting their families and are a pride for them was something that restores your belief in the power of love once more. Can’t thank the Depilex Smile Again Foundation for making me a part of such a soul reviving and eye opening evening amidst all this chaos . All I can say about the Foundation is that among all this hustle and bustle , these people are working on making lives better by helping them rebuild their lives and making them proud members of the society who feel no less than any other around them. Hats off to the woman with nerves of steel and determination as strong as Iron Masarrat Misbah for coming up with such an idea and standing by it for 14 years. 


Have something to say about the Depilex Smile Again Foundation and the steps they are taking to rehabilitate the survivors ? Do let me know in the comments below . 

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