Shapewear for Every body type and need ft.

A while ago, me and my friends were discussing desi formal wear and how to carry it well. One thing that bothered almost all of them was that the shape of the dress usually becomes unflattering once on and always accentuates the undesired parts that are hidden in our casual wear. As we discussed, we all agreed that having a good shapewear underneath is the only solution to make those formal dresses look good.
Having said that, I recently came across this online shapewear brand ” Sculptshe” and I was intrigued. While browsing around I was amazed at the variety of shapewear they offered according to your needs. They offer multiple purpose and single purpose shapewear inna very good price and also in 2 colors as well so that you can easily wear them under your light and dark colored dresses easily and with confidence. Not only they have shapewear but also they offer post surgical abdominal support waist trainers that are excellent to provide support post surgically. Now having said that, let me show you a few of my picks that I feel are essential to have in your wardrobe

1.Waist trainer belt :

Waist trainer belt by

Usually we get only one option of waist trainer belt when we go out in market. But in you will find a variety of waist trainers from wrap around ones to the triple wrap every day trainer belt. Its just amazing that they are catering to every need in mind. From post delivery tummy support belts to the workout training belts, you name it, they have it

2.Sculptshe Full Body Suit Surgery Compression Garment:

Full Body compression suit

This one I think is the best thing that can happen to a post abdominal surgery patient. With a full body compression along with thick straps to give a good support, this one is easy to put on and also very comfortable to wear giving the whole body much needed Support to let it heal properly and fast.

3. Sculptshe All Day Every Day Slimming Bodysuit :

Everyday Slimming Bodysuit

Now this is the one that I definitely have my eyes on. With full body support and being seamless, it is the perfect shapewear to wear under your formal well fitted clothes and get that slender shape you desire. It helps tuck in the loose skin and fat pockets and makes the clothes look as seamless as they can be. Totally recommending this one if you are looking for one.

Now its worth mentioning that Sculptshe is a very inclusive brand in terms that it provides sizes upto 6XL that is very hard to find anywhere. There are every type and size of body and it makes me happy to see brands being considerate and including everyone rather than sticking to only standard size chart that hardly goes upto XL size. All this makes sculptshe one of best shapewear for women where the variety is huge and caters to many needs of women.

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