Celebrating Zay Beauty | Day 1| Modskot Liquid Lipsticks – Review & Swatches

I have been MIA from the website for so long now, but the writer in me always ached to come back to it. Call me old school or whatever, but nothing is more gratifying for me to read long detailed reviews and proper swatch photos before making a purchase. So I decided to come back and what better way to start off, than talking about one of the best Pakistani beauty brand there is, Zay beauty.

If you are still unaware of the brand, I urge you to must have a look at their products. The packaging to the formulation to the prices, is just amazing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I tell you that I look forward to their launches and have invested a great amount of money in their brand and never once was disappointed by them.

So I have decided to do a dedicated 6 day series for the brand ( no, its not paid),to share my thoughts just like old times and let you know why you should ( or shouldn’t) invest in their products.

So today we are going to talk about their Mod Skot Liquid Lipsticks :

MOD SKOT Liquid Lipsticks

What is it:

The Mod Skot Liquid lipstick is one of a kind liquid lipsticks in the world from Zay Beauty. Prepare yourself for the magic of the Mod Skot Liquid Lipstick. The lipstick finish is not just highly pigmented and comfortable but also long-lasting.

How to use:

Exfoliate lips with a gentle scrub before application. A

Apply a thin and even layer and let it dry for 30 seconds.

Color differences may occur on different skin tones.

My Experience :

One thing I want to put out there right before I start talking about the Mod Skot liquid Lipsticks ,is the amount of thought and effort the brand puts in the packaging of its products . They just don’t take a generic packaging and just keep rolling out products . You can always feel that there has been effort put into making that standard packaging look and feel like the brand owns it . In all honesty , this is one of the things that enhances your experience with the product .

Now coming to the Mod Skot liquid lipsticks , these come in long tubes with the very signature Zay Beauty Mandala design and the purple screw cap . The applicator wand is longer than your standard liquid lipstick tubes as well . This may feel a little off at first but the more you use it , you get the hang of it and it actually feels better than shorter wands .

The formula is very thin and feels watery on the lips but man does it pack a punch of pigment in it or what! I have both their nude and bright lip color and never for once I had to go over twice to make it opaque or dip it again in the tube to get my lips fully covered. One dip and the applicator picks up enough product to cover you lips seamlessly . Also it takes a couple of seconds to dry down completely giving you enough time if you want to put on a drop and just dab it all over or you want to blot it down , which I really like. It dries down completely matte and for that reason I always recommend prepping lips before applying these liquid lipsticks ( Or any other matte lipstick) because you can’t blame a lipstick for making your lips chapped or dull when you didn’t even prep them right . So, I would suggest giving a nice scrub and then putting on a lip balm before you apply liquid lipsticks.

Now for the wear time , its INSANE ! Yes I mean it . Once it dries down and is set , nothing can move it an inch from its place . The maximum I have worn it for 8 hours straight , with eating ,drinking and talking (of course) and it didn’t budge ! May be lightened a bit from the middle , thanks to our desi food but it didn’t do that weird thing where you are left with lipstick on the margins only making it look like you forgot to fill your lips after a lipliner. .Even when you want to take it off , its one of the hardest liquid lipsticks to come off with a regular micellar water . I recommend using a cleansing balm or an oil based formula for this liquid lipstick so that you don’t have to torture your lips by rubbing and stripping them raw. Also , they tend to darken as they dry off , so the color comes out way darker than what you see in the tube

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Zay Beauty ModSkot Liquid Lipstick Swatches – R: Samra L: Bano

Samra : Very bright cool tone Pink

Zay Beauty ModSkot Liquid Lipstick -Samra

Bano : Cool tone Brown

Zay Beauty ModSkot Liquid Lipstick – Bano

All in all , I would say these are great liquid lipsticks to invest in if you are looking for some pigment packed ,super long lasting . They come in a variety of 20 colors ranging from very deep burgundy and rich reds to bright pinks & mellow nudes . They are a total steal for the price and hands down one of the finest liquid lipsticks from local brands in Pakistan . They have now been launched in mini packaging and in sets ,where you can try many colors before purchasing full sized tubes . How cool is that!!

Price & Availability :

The Zay Beauty ModSkot Liquid lipsticks retail for PKR 1400/- each for an 8.5gm product . You can also purchase their mini packaging sets and also various deals to save some cash HERE


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