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Good skincare doesn’t always mean expensive SkinCare. ARVELON Flawless Glow Range-Review

I have been away from the blog, from writing and many other things because a lot was happening on the back of it and I really didn’t feel like writing any more. Like do people still read long, detailed blogs before they buy something? Or is it just someone they follow or love uses it makes them buy it without any second thoughts. Any way, after a year or so, I have finally managed my way back here, with alot of changes of course. If you are an old reader, you might have noticed the blog layout has been changed and its updating everyday now.

Ok enough of the personal stuff that no one is here for. So I had been using this new skin care brand who were kind enough to send me some of their products to test and try and they got me thinking that A good skincare isn’t necessarily a very expensive one. If you are using the right products with good ingredients that make your skin look and feel nice than that’s that. No product in the world is a “Miracle in a Bottle” as many would claim. Its a mix of everything put together that eventually shows on your skin.

Arvelon Flawless Glow Clay Mask

So today I am going to talk about the Flawless Glow skin care range by Arvelon. They are a fairly newer name in the skincare market in Pakistan and not much talked about either, which I feel is a bit unfair. Why so? Keep reading to know more and definitely I have some favourites!


Discover our standout skincare stars in one covetable collection. This high-performance pack showcases the power of licorice root extracts and Vitamin C in it’s purest form to boost collagen production, brighten the skin, and help distribute melanin to give you a brighter, more even-toned complexion. Moisture replenishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera extract and Glycerin soften the skin and provide it with plumping hydration for a dewy, radiant glow. 

My Experience :

The Flawless Glow range by Arvelon comes in a very cute sturdy but a very basic packaging. All the products come in tubes and have a twist open/ flip open lids which close securely and I haven’t experienced any leakage during my travelling. The Flawless Glow range has a 4 products in it, that you can individually or together as a bundle which is a great option which I’ll tell you why in a minute.

So we have a facewash, scrub, clay mask and moisturizer in the range. Lets talk about them individually

1. Flawless Glow Face Wash :

The glow boosting facial wash has a gel formulation with little particles suspended in it that dissolve instantly. The facewash lathers instantly and leaves the skin clean and smooth without stripping it off all the moisture, which is my only concern with every other face wash out there. The facewash has a very basic, cosmetics fragrance that disappears as you lather the product. I personally don’t have any problem with fragrance in my products so I am happy with it. I really enjoy using this face wash and it has become a staple in my morning routine. I wouldn’t say if it’s glow boosting or not, but since it isn’t drying, it does leave the skin looking healthy and glowing. Definitely recommended.

It retails for PKR 329/- only.

2. Brightening Scrub :

The Ultra Glow, brightening scrub comes in cream consistency, with particles in it that help exfoliate your skin, leaving it healthier looking and brighter. But I personally do not enjoy physical exfoliaters any more and find them really harsh to my skin, so this product is the only one among the bundle that I didn’t use after first time, because the exfoliating particles felt super crude and kind of prickly on my skin. It’s not something I would recommend from this range, and as of general too. If you love your skin, please switch to chemical exfoliaters and peels.

This retails for PKR 429/-

3. Clay Mask :

This is the most interesting clay mask I have ever used. It is a clay mask but the instructions say that you have to gently massage it into your skin for a while and then rinse it off and in all honesty, I am pleasantly surprised! The mask is a gel-clay hybrid formula that doesn’t dry on skin or tugs it as you massage. After washing your face, the skin is super hydrated and deeply cleaned and feels nourished from within. Absolutely love, love, LOVE the product, already in my skincare stash, will surely keep purchasing it. Definitely recommended!

Retails for PKR 469/-

4. Flawless Glow Cream:

If I was asked to chose one product out of this range that is my absolute favourite, then that has to be the Absolute Radiance Cream moisturizer. This has very thick consistency, so you need a pea sized amount and that is enough to moisturise the whole face easily. Whether I am using the whole routine by Arvelon or just washing my face only, I have to have the moisturizer on be it summer or winter. It instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving any residue behind or without making the skin sticky even though its a really thick cream moisturizer. This also makes the skin supple and super hydrated and works great even under makeup. My skin is acne prone, so thicker moisturisers tend to break me out eventually, but this didn’t. Need I say more? Definitely recommending this one!

This retails for PKR 439/-

All in all, I would say that in this price range,I have hit a jackpot when it comes to skincare. The products are all very nice, come in a nice packaging, have great ingredients, are hypoallergenic and work well too. What else are we looking for?

You can get the whole bundle for at a discounted price of PKR 1455/- HERE. You can also find other ranges and mixed bundles on the website as well.


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