10 Pc Goat hair Brush set – Yay or Nay ?

Recently, I got a chance to try out some different kind of eye brushes that I have been wanting to try out for a while but wasn’t able too . If you are a keen eye makeup learner ,one thing you know for sure that you can never have enough eye shadow brushes . So , since I had been feeling the same ,I got this 10 Pc Goat Hair Brush set off Zaful.com

After using it for a few weeks , here is my review of them. Read on to know if this set is worth the investment.

My Experience : 

This 10 piece brush set is a mix of goat hair and synthetic hair brushes with a really finely finishes wooden handles . I love the rose gold and powder pink combination of the set , it really just makes my vanity look a bit fancy . This eye brush set has 4 types of brushes , the precision brushes , blending brushes ,packing brushes and liner brushes which further have different sizes which makes this set a very nice addition to your collection if you are specifically looking for an eye makeup brush set . The quality is really good for the price you are paying with is around 5$ ,which makes it a total steal for the beginners who want to practice and gain control over the techniques before they splurge on a good brush set . However the quality of the brushes varies within the set ,while some of the brushes especially the synthetic hair ones are super soft , the goat hair ones feel really crude and rough on the skin . They pick up the pigment nicely and performance wise all of them are really good .

1. The Precision Brushes :


The Precison BrushesThe Precison Brushes

The Precison Brushes


The two precision/ pointed brushes in the set are of different sizes . The bigger synthetic hair one is ideal for packing pigment in the outer corner and blending it into the crease without much displacement of the shadow on the lid or over to the brow bone . The smaller one is a bit on the rough side and needs to be handled with a lot more softness,the size however is ideal for blending the shadows on the lower lash line for that perfectly smoked out look

2. The Blending Brushes:


Blending BrushesBlending Brushes

Blending Brushes


There are 3 blending brushes in the set out of which one of dome shaped , one flat top and one is rather less dense smaller one (left most in the picture) . None of these brushes is soft and smooth and they feel rather harsh on the lids . I like the bending brushes to be fluffy and super soft to blend those harsh lines and none of these brushes does the job that well . 

3. Flat Eye Shadow Brushes :


Flat Shadow BrushesFlat Shadow Brushes

Flat Shadow Brushes


There are four different flat brushes included in the set for dfferent purposes. The synthetic small head flat brush is ideal for packing pigments and glitter over the lid . It performs really well in picking the right amount of product and applying it smoothly . Other 3 brushes perform well too . I really like the variety of sizes that is offered in this set for the same brush so you can opt for the required size .

4. The Eye Liner Brushes :


Eye Liner BrushesEye Liner Brushes

Eye Liner Brushes


The three different eyeliner brushes are pretty versatile and I really like the variation in sizes of the angled brushes . The smaller one can be used for eyeliner , for smudging the lower lash line and also for filling in the brows . The bigger one is ideal if you want to make that bold statement winged eye liner, because the size is just perfect to give a perfect wing in single stroke . The fine liner brush however I feel ,has quite long hair which are very soft which does;t give precise control over the application (p.s I suck at liquid liners so may be that why I feel this way ) .

Price & Availability :

This 10 Pc Goat Hair Eye Makeup Brush set is available for 4.98$ at Zaful.com, which keeps on going at sale time and again .

The quality of the set is pretty average for my liking ,however its a bargain for the price you pay . I would recommend it to the beginners who are just getting a grip over their makeup skills and want to experiment with different brushes before getting their hand on some expensive ones





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