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With the winter finally taking over and dryness prevailing like anything, my skin and hair both are so parched like they have never seen the face of a moisturizer in their life ! Seriously , as much as I love winters , the only thing that puts me off is my highly charged hair and over dry skin . For that I have been resorting to different conditioners and skin moisturizers ,  but no matter what I do , I have to come back to Oils in the end . Now its very hard to find pure organic oils , because the highly processed and chemically treated oils are not my cup of tea . Instead of helping they break me out so bad and my hair don’t get along with them either . 

So ,while being in search of good quality organic oils , I stumbled upon this Facebook Store named ” NAWAB ” who claim to sell 100% pure organic oils and food products with zero processing and addition of chemicals . Now that’s something we are going to talk about in this post as to what do they claim, How I find  these oils, how I use them and much more ,so lets just jump directly onto that :

NAWAB Organics :

We are a family-run wholesale business aspiring to expand for the well-being of our consumers. We have country wide operations, particularly in Punjab. We are now providing home delivery for Natural Oils, simultaneously supplying our products at various stores throughout Lahore from New Garden Town to Valencia, in Lahore.
Our forefathers started from food grains and through their wisdom, help and example we have achieved this stage. The name “Nawab Traders” goes back to our esteemed and beloved grandfather (late) Nawab Din. He watered the grounds for this enterprise back in the 1960’s. He was a successful trader in food grains. He learnt his skills from his father (late) who laid the foundations of food wholesale business in our family. Today, we are recognized because of them.
We make our products keeping in mind the interests of our consumers and their needs. Natural oils are the need of the hour! For children, old, young, females and the entire family our oils are suitable for cooking, skincare and hair-care. 
Each bottle is the brain-child of our team; from the seeds to the cold-pressed oil, we make sure the entire process is natural!


My Experience:

I was sent three of their oils which came in a nice black bag with their logo on it (which shows their are pretty serious about their branding ) . The Oils came in 125ml bottles that had different colors for different oils , double secured with a stopper and nozzle cap which I absolutely love as that makes the oil dispensing so easy and you don’t have to worry about the spillage or taking out too much . 

The oils are give very different names that just add to the whole idea like All rounder Almond Oil , Catchy Coconut Oil and Blessed Black Seed Oil . They have also added a touch of jute under the labels that adds to the whole organic feel . Also they have added Tags with each oil that has all the details printed over it like the quantity , Price , Uses and Benefit of each oil. This makes the it very easy to select which oil you want according to your needs .  I have been using them mainly for my hair for a couple of weeks now and I feel now I am in a position to hand out a verdict about them and let you people know if they are worth a shot ! 

1. All Rounder Almond Oil :

BenefitsAlmond oil is rich in Vitamin E. Regular application of the oil protects the skin from stress and UV radiations ,keeping it soft and supple .Excellent in removing makeup from face ,redness and fine wrinkles

Usage : 5-10 ml (1-2 teaspoon) to be taken preferably with 250 ml (1 glass) of milk. Can also be applied externally on the body.


All-Rounder Almond OilAll-Rounder Almond Oil

All-Rounder Almond Oil


Now, I have used it as  a hair oil mainly and I can’t tell you how much it has tamed down my over enthusiastic fly aways and frizz ! No, I am not exaggerating one bit . I have that kind of hair that is hard to handle even with the best of hair conditioner and serums .I need to oil them regularly to keep them tamed but this Almond oil has come like a savior in this tiny bottle . I apply the oil generously from roots to tips, wrap my hair in an old tee shirt for 1 -2 hours and then wash them with my regular shampoo. This leaves my hair frizz free and easy to detangle . The best thing about this oil is that there is no added fragrance that really puts me off the oils . I highly recommend this oil for everyone who is looking for a good organic solution for their over charged dry hair in this weather especially .

Price : PKR 485/- for 125 ml ( available in various  sizes )

2. Blessed Black Seed Oil: 

Benefits :

  • Anti Cancerous
  • improves liver function
  • Heals diabetes
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Strengthens Hair roots
  • Decreases Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Natural Antibiotic


Blessed Black Seed OilBlessed Black Seed Oil

Blessed Black Seed Oil


I have used the black seed oil a little less than the almond one but still it has helped me a lot . I am a person who prefers using a mix of ingredients for skin and hair . So at times I mix the black seed oil with any of my regular oils and it has reduced the dandruff and itching a lot within a few uses . I would recommend using this oil if you have a problematic and itchy scalp as it has anti inflammatory properties .

Price : PKR 480/- for 125 ml ( available in various  sizes )

3. Catchy Coconut Oil : 


Catchy Coconut oilCatchy Coconut oil

Catchy Coconut oil


Now who doesn’t know the benefits and uses of coconut oil ? I have coconut oil incorporated in my hair and skin care regimen since long and its always a pain to get organic coconut oil with no added fragrance and chemicals . The coconut oil by Nawab is such an amazing product that I can’t  rave about less . It has replaced my makeup remover completely and dissolves even the most stubborn waterproof mascara in a minute . I also use it on my hair alternatively with other oils and apply it 2-3 hours before washing my hair . I always recommend wrapping your hair after oil application with an old tee , as it just enhances the effects of the oil treatment many fold ! It leaves my hair moisturized , shinny and easy to manage . Absolutely love it and yes I will be getting more of this soon !

 Price : PKR 155/- for 125 ml ( available in various  sizes )


100% Organic Natural Oils by Nawab Organics100% Organic Natural Oils by Nawab Organics

100% Organic Natural Oils by Nawab Organics


All in all , I would say that Nawab Organics is doing a wonderful job in providing 100% pure and organic oils and foods to our homes. It was never easier than this to get organic foods especially in big cities. They are also providing Brown rice and nut brittles which I have yet to try but one thing is for sure that all the products are a true gift for health conscious people and everyone should try them for a clean and healthy lifestyle .

You can check all the products at their Facebook page HERE 






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  1. These oils sound great. As per their description, these can be used for cooking too right? The blessed black seed oil sounds very beneficial. Would love to give it a try.

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