BOGO- A Voucher Book Every Foodie from Lahore should have !

Everyone likes to eat out once in a while and lets just assume I am one of those too, okay fine I love to eat out every once in a while mainly because A. I love trying out new dishes and B. I suck at cooking, so Al-Hubby-bi never lets the opportunity of eating out go in vain. No seriously, as soon as I go like I am craving for, and he has the car keys even before I complete my sentence (-_- thank you for the massive encouragement)

Okay so keeping aside my cooking skills and what goes around in my house , I want you to pay attention to this amazing voucher book that I recently got to try for which you are going to thank me forever ! Just hang around for a while and I’ll you all about it.

About BOGO:

Buy-One-Get-One Free Vouchers

For Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Gyms, Photography, Travel, Shopping & more!

Top Brands,

100+ Vouchers,

Unbelievable Savings!

How it works?


Buy the BOGO book by ordering online or calling our call centre ( +92 332 646 2646 ). The voucher book will be delivered to you within 2 days. You can also purchase the book at leading super –stores, soon.


Activate your Bogo by SMSing bg###### to 8874 or call +92 332 646 2646. This is a one-time activation step.


Go to the outlet of your choice, (don’t forget to take the book or voucher) and present the voucher before ordering/using the service.


Sit back, relax and enjoy your free meal or service. Don’t forget to pat your back for the savings you made and get cracking for your next gig with Bogo.

My Experience:


(buy one get one –for dummies like me) exclusively for Karachi. This had about 100+ vouchers for various eateries, shopping websites and salon services in it to be used at them making various offers. It was such an intriguing idea and had instantly taken my attention (because food?). But to my dismay, this book was only valid for Karachi (I envy you guys!). After much success, people at


, finally decided to push it a little further to touch the hearts of people of Lahore. I recently got the chance to receive this book and have a feel of it just to have my thoughts jotted down for you guys and trust me it’s a difficult task when you have a bundle of vouchers ready to be used and you are glued to your laptop screen writing down your experience because you are too excited for it!

This weekend I finally went out to try one of the vouchers (ended up using 2) and see how it works. I was a bit skeptical at first if it’s really gonna do what it says , but I am very happy to announce that we ate our hearts out at Cone heads with the bill of one person ! YAASSSS!! If you are a foodie and have a tight budget you know what’s so exciting about it!  So basically we just walked up to the counter showed them the voucher before placing order (that’s a condition you have to take care of) and they were all happy to welcome us to place our order.  Food for two and bill for one please! Though there are some terms and conditions that are clearly mentioned on each and every voucher which tells you for which branch this voucher is valid for specifically, what services you can get (dine-in/takeaway/home delivery) and much more. there are also some vouchers for online shopping portals like and Snug  which have different sort of conditions , so I suggest you better read out them fully before setting off for the food /shopping venture to avoid any inconvenience.


for the price of PKR 1500/-. More over if you buy it through the online shopping portal of



you will get it at the introductory price of PKR 999/-* (*Limited time offer).

So go get your BOGObook now and thank me later for the massive favor I am doing to you and your pocket today! If you have doubts, you can always talk to the customer care personal at their live chat on the website that are super prompt and get your doubts cleared in a minute (I had several and ate their head off before setting out) 

Stay Blessed x

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