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Winter is here FINALLY ! and that means lazing around , staying in bed and enjoying some sun when it shows its face. Also it means that whatever you are going to wash will stay wet for a couple of days , unless you try to take some drastic heating measures and dry it asap . Confession coming through : I am super lazy in washing my makeup brushes and in winters when they take about 3 days to dry completely , I tend to not wash them very often . Now to just make things a bit more workable , I planned to get some new brushes this winter so that if one set is drying , I have an alternative waiting in the stash . During the search , I came across this website named


where they stock up ladies and gents clothing and also some makeup tools and accessories as well.

So, they asked me to pick something for myself and keeping in view the rant above , I picked up this 7 pieces plated brush set and that’s what the today’s post is all about. So lets get started

7 Pcs Plating Handle Nylon Facial Eye Makeup Brushes Set:


Makeup Brushes Set

Brush Hair Material:










Package Contents:

7 x Makeup Brushes (Pcs)

My Experience : 

<img src=" has been this particular metal set by Real Techniques that I had my heart set on but since it was pretty much expensive (by my standard of expenditure) so I just had to let it pass . Now when I saw this particular set at the


website , I knew in an instant that I wanted it like anything else . 

This 7 Pieces Brush Set with Nylon Hair comes in 4 different color choices , Gold , Silver , Rose gold and Mix color. I opted for a mix color set because I liked all of them . 

The handle is made of plastic and has metallic paint over it and is not at all metal plated as claimed, which I think is a good thing as it keeps the weight low , however it does feel cheap and plastic-y when held .The Nylon bristles are really really soft for all the brushes except for the large fluffy blending brush which I feel are a bit harsh for the eye area, I don’t know if its just mine or every fluffy brush has the same problem. The hair are really soft and have a light hue at the end ( only the face ones ) that perfectly adds to their beauty .

The set contains 7 pieces of different brushes which are as follows:

1.Large face brush /Powder brush

3. Tapered Blush /Highlighter brush 

5. Fluffy Blending Brush 

6. Tapered Smudge Brush 

7. Slanted Eyeliner/Brow Brush

<img src=" in all I am really satisfied with my pick because for this price these are definitely a steal . If you are on the outlook for a budget friendly pretty option to add to your vanity, this brush set might be your answer.

Thumbs Up For:

  •  Affordable 
  • Color choices 
  • Pretty addition to your collection
  • Soft brush fibers 
  • Does not stain permanently
  • Minimal Shedding upon washing
  • Dense

Thumbs Down For:

  • You feel the plastic looks cheap 
  • The fluffy blending eye brush might feel a little harsh and pointy
  • Do not want the hassle of ordering online

My Rating :

7 Pcs Plating Handle Nylon Facial Eye Makeup Brushes Set

is available for


at Rosegal



 To add to your happiness , there is this

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21 thoughts on “Beautiful, Soft and light METAL brushes by – Review

  1. Gorgeous looking brushes these are. I like the way you reviewed them by explaining everything in-depth. Good review.

  2. Gorgeous looking brushes these are. I like the way you reviewed them by explaining everything in-depth. Good review.

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