Lahore Se Agay – When the term “SPIN OFF” is taken quite literally

Its been a very very long time that I posted something related to movie/entertainment industry on my blog majorly because

A) I am very lazy 

B) I think everyone should get a fair chance of putting out their work and let the public decide if its worth it ,rather than just giving out opinion and make people stay back 

(p.s its actually the reason “A” that I don’t write)

So, now the thing is I got to watch the much hyped movie LAHORE SE AGAY , which is a sequel (or a SPIN OFF as put forward by media fraternity) of 2015 release Karachi Se Lahore , which was under the knife for an year now but since it was one of my favorite movies (no seriously,it still is) I had pretty high hopes for the sequel which basically revolved around the most favorite character MOTI ,played by Yasir Hussain .

Since , I was super psyched about it and got a chance to see it at the premiere , I was speechless . Speechless not because it was too good , mainly because I was super heart broken and kind of devastated ( Yes I have that sort of attachment with things)

So ,if you have already watched it then be my guest as you would surely relate to what I am saying . And if you haven’t ,go on watch it ( its dare)  !


So the story takes off from the point that Moti (Yasir Hussain) is planning to go to Swat because his uncle is ill and his aunt gets two men after him to get him abducted .While he is running from them , he meets Tara ( Saba Qamar) who is a passionate singer and has just broke up from her boyfriend and together they take off to SWAT. In the multitude of circumstances they fall for each other .

<img src=" ,a road trip with basically not much on the road . Instead they decide to make pit stops every five minutes and sing and dance there. If you think that's a good thing, well lets take a look in detail there too . No doubt the songs are really good IF you hear them on a radio or your phone or whatever because the cinematography is not much impressive . While they could have exploited the location's breath taking views ( talking about Katas Raaj Temple and Swat Valley) ,they decide to jump around in the fields and yes also in a Jungle party ( like what ?) , and yes please don't forget the KALABAZ DIL that happens in the kootha sequence , that too is the part of the JOURNEY to Swat (face palm moment I must say ).

<img src=" characters of Villains /goons/ thugs /whatever is quite absurd and I think they could have been better written and executed. They don't come out as spontaneous as they should.

And Please can someone tell me what’s with the IN YOUR FACE kind of advertisements of the movie’s sponsors?? No seriously who does that ?? Easily avoidable sequences just to give some space to the sponsors and actually running 5 minute advertisements is so not cool ! Totally ruins the mood when you have to listen to the sales manager about their newly launched mobile app ,like what the Fajita man !!!

Bottom line being , this movie has failed to impress me at so many levels. One simply cannot rely on a single person to pull off the whole movie on the basis of his humor . The songs are good and Saba Qamar looks ethereal at many points , but is that all a movie takes? A song and unnecessary  dance sequence every 15 minutes does not make an entertainment package in my opinion  unless or until there is a plot under hand . Nonetheless, Yasir Hussain’s few one liners , Saba Qamar’s Beauty and Songs ( only to listen not to watch mind you) are the saving grace for this movie .


 If you can turn off your brain for 2 hours and a little over it , have the ability to overlook the absurdity of many scenes and are capable of tuning out during overstretched sequences, please go watch it . If you have seen Karachi se Lahore ( the prequel) ,you aren’t going to like what’s being served here .

P.s just to put out a little disclaimer here, I have nothing personal against anyone ,the opinion expressed is solely my own and based on what I saw (and suffered for 2 hours) in the cinema. Period. 

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12 thoughts on “Lahore Se Agay – When the term “SPIN OFF” is taken quite literally

  1. Hahahaha Girl you nailed it…. What a piece studded with hillarious one liners. KSL was one of my favorites and it is heart breaking to know that Lahore Say Aagey is such "Farag". 🙁 Any how loved your review, loved every bit of it.

  2. I've watched Karachi se Lahore and I loved it… its sad that the sequel is not as good because I had high expectations…

  3. Hahahahaa this is so funny! I don't watch many pakistani movies simply because most of them are a disappointment anyway. But seriously what is the point of doing a road trip movie and no scenic shots of the landscape? I love how the film Moor captured it so well. A film done in northern areas should be 70 %cinematography and only 30% story. 😀

  4. I watched, Karachi say lahore… I feel hero was the most dumbest person in whole movie, he even dont know how to act… and amazing part they took Moti, as a hero in a sequal… how it can be like… ahem ahme. I knew this… and wasnt expecting anything from this movie, EXCEPT Saba Qamar. 🙂 which i missed. Nice review… <3

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