#Brumano brings new style for men to town – Review

Always talking about ladies clothing, makeup and skin care products, I feel really bad for the guys who take out time and actually read my blog (yes there are a few). So while I feel bad for them, I was like hey why not do a review post for them because they need to know about their stuff too right? Plus its going to be really helpful for all the loving ladies out their who are having a hard time picking gifts for the men in their lives.

So today under the spotlight is the this beautiful linen shirt by a new brand BRUMANO. If you have been following me on the social media (Facebook /instagram/Twitter , which you should by the way), I have been posting about the brand recently and got quite a few queries as well.  So this one goes out to you all.

My Experience :

BRUMANO is a new website catering western menswear including shirts, bottoms and accessories.

I have mostly browsed around over the shirts and I am really impressed by the variety they offer.  From plain, textured and printed to beautiful denims,  the variety is vast.

On the desk today is this beautiful lenin shirt in casual fit. What I really like about the packaging is it comes wrapped in this Brumano wrap that gives it a really luxurious feel.

Coming to the shirt itself, I must say I wasn’t having high hopes from the brand as some of the online experiences went really bad for me. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the shirt as the the stitching and styling is really very nice. Though I have a few reservations over the stitching but I feel it may be due to the texture of the fabric .  The fabric is nice, soft and airy . I really like how they have paired up matching buttons to enhance the overall look.

About the durability, I can’t say much right now as it hasn’t been washed yet but I have a feeling that its going to be good.

Price and Availability :

This beautiful Light Blue Linen  shirt is available at the Brumano


for PKR 3400/-

Website link: http://www.shopbrumano.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopbrumano/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shopBrumano

Instagram: http://instagram.com/shopbrumano

Hope this review is helpful for you guys next time you  need to shop. 

Stay Blessed 

Sherry k



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  1. OMG! such a nice pick. I also bought a blue denim shirt for me Brother. Thanks for such cool review.

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