Pretty, neat and economical – SNM Lawn by Din Industries Volume 2 : Review

Summer is that time of the year in Pakistan that is most of the time in Pakistan. Lol, no jokes, If thought rationally Pakistan is blessed with 8 months of summer.  So, when summer is here once, its going to stay for a very long time. To beat the heat and still flaunt the styles, we have come up with a lawn fever. With all the brands coming up with collaborations with well known designers, the Lawn prices have shot to the sky.  Speaking of that, there are still some brands that are providing some stunning designs without breaking the bank. Among them one is SNM lawn by Din Industries. Today I am reviewing a beautiful design by them.


The Lawn suit by SNM comes in a very sturdy zip lock bag with the poster of the dress on the bag. Upon opening, you won’t have a whiff of the industrial smell that usually dresses give when opened the first time which is a total turn off for me.

Now I have soaked it in water before getting it stitched so it gets shrunken before getting stitched and I am happy to see that there is no color bleeding from the embroidery. More over the shrinking was minimal so there is no disturbance of the embroidery whatsoever.

All in all, I am very much happy with SNM lawn By Din Industries. The volume 2 has some really stunning designs, which you guys should definitely check and its worth  the money !!  I am Linking them below so you go and see what I am talking about.

My Rating:


or visit your nearest SNM Lawn Stockist to get your favorite design

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Mine is with the tailor and I just cant wait till it comes back and I get to flaunt it! Check them out and let me know which ones do you like

Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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