Winter Wardrobe Makeover – New Sweater Dresses, Accessories & More!

Can you believe its October already, I mean where did the time go? Just 2 more months and we will be back in 2020, like what???

Anyhow, October is my happy month. No its not my birthday but its the time when the weather changes and the evenings are colder and holding a coffee mug is equal to therapy!

Now its time I take out my winter clothes out and sort them out for the season. Every year I like to refresh my clothes by giving out some old ones and adding some new pieces. Being the bland person that I am, I always look for staple pieces with solid colors that can be paired with alot of other clothes and I get a good wear from them.

While browsing through the Internet, looking for good quality clothing that doesn’t cost me my arm and leg, I came across and I fell in love with a few pieces that I ordered right away. I was oddly surprised that I had my package within 15 days, given it was an international package.


Now coming to the clothes that I got from Dresslily. Since winter was just in sight I opted for sweater dresses in solid colors. To accessorise my outfits, I chose a black belt because its such a staple in winter.


The white sweater dress is a loose knit thin material. The color and size is true to the specifications mentioned on the website and fits beautifully. I can see that I am goin to get good use of it this season.


The brown turtleneck is of nice tightly woven material and looks really nice when worn. However I feel, the length of the dress is a tad bit shorter than mentioned in the description. Also I missed the side slit on the picture and it gapes alot. I don’t know how much wear will it get out of it but overall its a nice sweater to have in your wardrobe.


The black belt is feels really expensive and faux leather is really soft to touch. The length is really good to fit me perfectly.


All in all, I am so glad to have found Dresslily because the quality of products and services is equally great. If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe for the season, Dresslily has amazing collection from clothing to accessories to even home decor items that you will love.

Also you can use my code DLBF20 for a flat 20% OFF on your every purchase!! How amazing is that?


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