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I am the person who prefers to shop online be it clothes, jewelry, shoes or bags. Its always so convenient to just order through websites because it saves so much time and also the hassle of check out. You just click, click, click and done. A lot of people ask me which websites I recommend for shopping online, especially international ones, Dresslily is the one of them that I totally recommend.

One of the main reasons of shopping from Dresslily is that its a multi item career store where you can find dresses, shoes, bags, makeup and even home decor items all at the same place. More over the regular sales that go up save you a lot of money and on the top of that, there are always coupon codes and promotions running that make the whole shopping experience enjoyable.

Why I prefer Dresslily is because I can just login, design the whole look for myself and order it. From adding accessories to the dress, matching bags and shoes and selecting the right jewellery with it, I am relieved that I will be receiving the whole look together and won’t be running from shop to shop to get matching stuff.

Here is a whole look I put together at Dresslily and would you believe none of these items is more than 30$. If you play smart and pick out items wisely, its no big deal ti design a whole outfit under 50$ which is an amazing deal!


Here I have paired this Long maxi style Arabic dress with a pair of beige stilettos with a gorgeous broch. To add a little structure to the outfit I have picked this metal buckle belt. To perk it up I picked a layered necklace because the outfit has narrow neckline so a dangling piece would go better with it. Lastly I went for this weaved bag with a black flap to perk up the whole outfit with such a trendy piece.

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe. DressLily has the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, that you can pick for any occasion from Monday to Friday!

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