Essence cinderella Highlighter, Something fit for a Princess’s vanity! – Review

Okay judge me all you want, but here comes a major confession “I STILL LOVE DISNEY PRINCESSES”.  Yup 26 and still want to be a princess, no lies. While collecting all the merchandise that even bears the name of Disney Princess, I am on a particular out look for the cosmetics, for it satisfies my 2 cravings in one go.

Earlier in Last year, when Disney announced the remake of Cinderella, many brands celebrated it by coming with exclusive Cinderella makeup lines and Essence Cosmetics was never behind in this.

As soon as the collection was announced, I was simply captivated by them, in particular the Highlighter and the Blush (review later).  The packaging and design was one of the reason I wanted them the most, plus the colors looked promising as well. 

When it finally hit the shelves in Pakistan, I was overjoyed and didn’t take a  nano second to order them, for I knew these would go out of stock in no time!

Today I am reviewing the Cinderella Collection Highlighter in A Glass Slipper and here it goes!

Essence Cosmetics Cinderella Collection Highlighter – A Glass Slipper :

Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder – the ultimate item for a radiant complexion.

available in 

01 the glass slipper


My Experience:

Essence Cinderella Highlighter -A glass Slipper

Please first let us take a moment and contemplate how pretty this little thing is. The Essence Cinderella collection Highlighter comes in clear but sturdy plastic packaging that clips shut tightly.  Lodging a hefty 9gm product in a beautiful rose pattern,  the clear casing is a plus because you can see the beautiful pattern all the time. The lid is prone to scratches and smudging but a little care can prevent it. The lid shuts tightly so its OK to carry it around, but its not much sturdy so I recommend taking extra care  of it while putting in your bag as it might break.

The product itself is a beautiful ivory /silver powder highlighter with very finely milled glitter.  I won’t say its the best shade for our warm Asian skin tones, but still it looks really good when topped over a pink blush.  It doesn’t accentuate the pores which is definitely a huge plus for the beauties who have large open pores. One thing that bothers me is the glitter, though very fine, I am not a fan of it. Moreover, if you over do it, it turns out to be frosty.  So I suggest keep a light hand and blend well.

Thumbs up for:

  • Beautiful rose pattern 
  • Affordable 
  • Easily available online and in stores 
  • Pigmented
  • Doesnt accentuate pores 
  • Soft texture
  • Easily blendable

Thumbs down for:

  • Might be out of stock at many sites
  • Limited edition
  • Packaging prone to scratches
  • Color may be too light
  • You dont like shimmer, even fine one
  • May turn frosty upon layering. 
  • Contains Carmine

Price & Availability:

Essence Cinderella collection Highlighter is priced for PKR 650/-. And available at


(unless it has gone out of stock)  Also available at stores that have essence counters nationwide. 

My Rating :

<img src=" Carmine as an ingredient gives this beautiful product a major set back.


Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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10 thoughts on “Essence cinderella Highlighter, Something fit for a Princess’s vanity! – Review

  1. Nice post. The highlighter looks more icy to me. I am not sure how flattering it will be on skin.

  2. Nice review! I just wonder what it's actual size is. Also, the color is a bit off putting for me. I don't know if it would looks flattering on my desi skin. But a nice review, nonetheless. <3~Munazza Bangash

  3. Surprisingly it looks super gorgeous on skin madeeha. I have been wearing it and it doesn't feel over the top or frosty if used with moderation that is

  4. Its a really huge pan about the size of your palm Munaza. Yes the color looks scary in the pan but looks really pretty upon wearing.

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