Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow Pallettes- Pigment Packed, easy on the pocket option done right (Review)

I rarely take this much time to make my mind about something but sometimes you just can’t wrap your head around something so good. I got these Beauty Glazed 9 pan eyeshadow palletes quite a while back and have been using them ever since and to be honest, I am amazed!

So today we’ll be talking all about the Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow palletes in Mars and Neptune.

My Experience :

The Beauty Glazed 9 Pan eyeshadow palletes come in a cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. The packaging isn’t very neat to be honest but it isn’t bad either. Each pallete comes sealed in a plastic cover. At the back you can find the list of ingredients, directions of use and the manufacturing & expiry dates. The brand claims to be cruelty free, which is great and also the packaging is recyclable (wohooo!)


Each pallete comes with 9 pans of color with a difference theme. The formulas vary from mattes to satins to mousse finish. Each pallette contains 9gm of product that makes 1gm product in each pan. The light weight and magnetic closure makes the pallete really tavel friendly.

These palletes come in 5 variants with different color themes. These are said to be dupes for Huda Beauty Obsessions palletes but I would say these are more like inspired from them. I got 2 out of 5, the Mars (Red) and Neptune (Blue) pallete. Will be talking about them both separately

The MARS Pallette :


The Mars pallete comes in a beautiful array of reds, including 5 matte and 4 mousse eyeshadows. The pallete has a beige, pale pink, hot red, maroon and two neutrals in gold and brown. The matte shadows are a bit chalky when hand swatched but picking them up on brush is a total joy. The shadows are super pigmented and during application stay true to their color. The mattes are easily blendable and layer up flawlessly. The mousse shadows are a totally different texture that isn’t Shimmer or glitter, these are more like foiled shadows but wet. If you press them they will actually shift in the pan. This reminds me of Colourpop super shock shadows. Working with a brush, wet or dry, isn’t really a good idea with the mousse shadows t, because these don’t get picked up easily and translate poorly on the eye. Rather apply them with your fingers, it will give full blown color.


The NEPTUNE Pallette :


The Neptune pallete has a color theme of blues, with 4 mattes, 2 satin and 3 mousse shadows. The colors vary from a pale blue to royal blue, Sliver blue, even a pop of yellow. They have also included 2 neutrals in grey silver and a copper brown which is a great idea to pull the whole look together. The mattes, as with Mars pallette, are chalky to swatch but on eyes these translate beautifully and blend like a dream. The satin formula is a however a bit let down because these are hard in the pan and equally hard to swatch. These add a nice shimmer to the eye and I would suggest using them as toppers. The mousse formula is my favourite, its actually really therapeutic to see how beautiful these colors are! The mousse texture is a treat to swatch on the arm and on the eyes.


All the eyeshadows are pigment packed and have a long staying time of 5-6 hours without fading. These shadows remain vibrant and stay put and don’t smudge into each other like many others do. Taking them off is such a breeze, these do not stain or become patchy by time and can be easily taken off by a makeup wipe. For the price at which you get these pallettes is such a bargain that I would suggest you don’t miss!


Price & Availability :

The Beauty Glazed 9 pan eyeshadow Palletes are available online. I got mine from Ali Express for $2.94 (that was roughly 300PKR when I got them).

You can check the sellers before purchasing so you get the best price.


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