Charcoal power in a Pack —Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask (Review)

With the recent trends in skincare tilting towards unconventional methods and trying out new things, two trends that have emerged above all are Charcoal and sheet masks. Charcoal with all its natural detox properties has quickly become a cult favourite all over the globe, where as sheet masks for their convinience and power packed performances are a must have now.

Now if we combine the benefits of both its a total win-win situation and Garnier came out with just that! With their Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks  being a staple for me, it was hard to resist getting their Charcoal Tissue Masks. So, I got them, tried them and now jotting it all down if these live up to the claims. 

Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Masks :  

Garnier SkinActive’s Charcoal and Algae Tea Hydrating and Purifying Pore Refining Tissue Mask infused with a serum enriched with Algae, Hyaluronic Acid for skin that feels purified, comforted and looks mattifieda all in just 15 minutes. 

Garnier SkinActive’s Charcoal and Black Tea Hydrating and Purifying Mattifying Tissue Mask infused with a serum enriched with Black Tea, Hyaluronic Acid for skin that feels purified, comforted and looks mattifieda all in just 15 minutes.

My Experience :

The Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask comes in a matte black packaging with all the details printed in front and back. There are 2 variants in the tissue mask one being Charcoal and Algae Pore Refining while he other being charcoal and black tea Mattifying mask. The tissue mask comes drenched in the serum folded upon its self. I advise you being gentle while unfolding as you may accidentally tear apart the mask, even though the fiber mesh is pretty sturdy. What I love about the mask is that it fits the contours of the face so aptly and just sticks to the face giving you full freedom to move around while having it on. Previously, almost all the sheet masks I have used do not fit like this and keep falling off. 


Now coming to the performance of the masks which we are actually here to talk about. These Hydrating masks are drenched with the detox power of  charcoal along with added benefits of Black tea and black algea focusing mainly on deep pore cleansing. You need to put the mask on for 15 – 20 minutes and then massage the left over serum into your face after removing the mask. For a quick fix while travelling or of you are short on time then these work pretty well and I have been using them on and off. They leave the skin supple, hydrated and pull out a fair amount of gunk out of the pores but they won’t be doing that deep Pore cleanse that I absolutely love my LOréal Pure Clay Detox Charcoal Mask for. 


If you are looking for something for travelling with to keep your skin clean and pores clean, then I would definitely recommend you take along these sheet masks with you as they will help you alot. But if you want them to use for deep cleansing your pores than it won’t give you those results. Its a decent product and I would certainly recommend it as a quick fix for your needs if you are lazy and tissue masks are your thing. 

Price & Availability : 

The Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Masks are available for PKR 319/- on & all major supermarkets all across the country 




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