LED Mirror : An Economical Vanity Must Have

If you are a makeup enthusiaste or even love watching beauty influences online, you would know how much difference does good lighting make both during application and photographing it too. While the diva ring lights are every makeup artist’s dream, they cost pretty much and usually we end up relying on day light because hey its free! 

Like every one else, I am on the hunt of a good quality but affordable ring light to take my makeup photography up a notch but to my dismay I haven’t been able to find any yet! But while I was searching, I landed upon something else that made me want to try it. I saw this beautiful stand up vanity mirror with built-in LEDs at Rosegal.com and since it was on sale due to their on going 5th anniversary sale, I just had to get it! 


The mirror comes nicely bubble wrapped and reaches you scratchless which is a great thing because hey we receive our local packages damaged I mean! So, it will reach you all safe and sound. The mirror comes in different colors, I chose white. The material of the mirror is a bit flimsy and you might think it would break easily but it doesn’t( saying this after dropping it a couple of times). The mirror surface is smooth and has really nice reflective surface with no magnifying power. The leds are placed on both sides, 8 on each side that have a cool light which might seem little harsh at times but it brings out even the tiniest of details. The mirror is battery operated and needa 4 AA batteries. 


Along with a back switch, the leds are operated and adjusted using the front touch switch. One touch turns it on/off. If you hold the button it will dim and brighten the leds which is an amazing option because you can adjust the light according to your need.  


Ever since I got this mirror, it has become a vanity essential for me. I love how it brings out the details and let me take care of the precise application. Only thing that I would change is the temperature of the lights and make them a bit warm so it gives a more soft daylight like effect. 

Price & Availability : 

The 16-LED Mirror is available for 19.46$ at Rosegal website (HERE).  

Here are a couple of discount codes that you can use and save some money!

 ” RGAnniversary1 ” for all order with 12% discount(Can be used at any time)

Also they provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE which is an amazing offer and you get your orders all safe and sound in Pakistan within 15-20 days of ordering! Incase of damage or refund you can always contact them with in 24 hours HERE 



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