#fightthefrizz with Label M Antifrizz Range – Review

It’s been quite a while since I visited any salon to get any treatment done hence the shortage of anything about it. But if you have been following me on social media especially Instagram (HERE ), you would know I recently got an anti frizz treatment done and today we are going to talk about that. 

The Label M. Antifrizz Range: 

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Fight the Frizz with the newest addition to the label.m family – the Anti-Frizz collection. Created by professionals, the high performance formulations with naturally derived ingredients that work together to target unwanted, frizzy hair. With unique ingredients such as Green Mandarin Extract to moisturise and refresh, and Baobab Seed Extract to leave you with the long-lasting hydration. Frizz is now a thing of the past.

My Experience  :

I have been saying this over and over whenever the topic of salon services comes up that I am not a salon person at all. Yes I believe in self care and giving yourself a me time, I give myself a regular facial and a warm mani pedi at home but going to a salon was never my thing. Any how sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! 

So, recently the amazing people at Toni&Guy North contacted me to try out their latest Anti Frizz system that had just launched. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see why I felt like this was a call from the heavens because I was in dire need of it. 

There is no need to introduce you guys to Toni & Guy as I have already talked about their branches, the ambiance and the services in my previous articles (Read HERE for MM Alam branch & HERE for Johar Town branch ) and this time it was no different. I have always felt welcomed at their salon and have been quickly taken in for services whenever I go which is a huge plus for me as I absolutely abhor the waiting time. 

Now coming to their anti frizz treatment system, its a brand new hair taming system according to the hair type, from the wild and unruly hair like mine to the damaged, dyed hair, basically any type of hair with frizz. The various natural fruit extracts in the products makes it a nourishing treatment along with its anti frizz properties that leave your hair nourished and healthy. 

The system consists of shampoo, conditioning, masking, balm, cream, serum and a mist, however the combination varies according to needs of the hair. 

The treatment duration is about 1-2 hours and the end result is beautiful frizz free locks that you just can’t stop touching! Oh and did I tell you the fragrance of the products is DIVINE! 

The treatment lasts for a good 3 weeks with after-care of course. You can go on using your regular shampoo and conditioner, however one  or two products are recommended as after care so that your experience lasts longer.  

Since I had fine frizzy hair with so many baby hair and fly aways, I was recommended to have the anti frizz mist to use before blow drying and heat styling and it works beautifully to naturally tame the frizz and weigh down my hair enough to look presentable. 

Before & After Label M. Antifrizz Treatment at Toni&Guy MM Alam, Lahore Before & After Label M. Antifrizz Treatment at Toni&Guy MM Alam, Lahore 

Before & After Label M. Antifrizz Treatment at Toni&Guy MM Alam, Lahore 

All in all, I would recommend this treatment to all those of you who are fighting frizz everyday but don’t want to go through intense hair treatments like Extenso or rebounding that are too harsh for the hair. This treatment costs about 2000-3000 PKR (depending upon your hair) and lasts a good 3 weeks to give you a frizz free, nice smelling hair that is soft and manageable. 

For further details and information, talk to the experts at Toni and Guy and go for it (after being satisfied of course!)  

You can find them at Instagram (HERE) and Facebook (HERE)  

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