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Look who it is again? well of course it’s me cause I write the blog =’.’= (Please pardon me, This heat got me melting)
The thing is, its just too hot and has gotten to the best of me… or has it? (sorry. please)
Whats up at your ends? I myself screamed for summer all year long but now it has gotten me screaming (not in the good party kind of way). Here I am sweating like crazy and changing clothes with passing minutes which would only have been fun if I didn’t have to change them again.
My wardrobe is coming down and its all a huge mess, I cant find stuff that I need to make my looks click and I seriously don’t have the energy to look through all the piles. I just need a sweet escape, for a little while and here comes ZAFUL (already introduced, link here: )
Yes, thats how I do it. Sitting in a perfectly air conditioned room, all neat with hair tied up, on my bed with a clean pair of sheets and with a bowl full of sweet, sweet mangoes with me, scrolling on ZAFUL.
IT HELPS! try it. Well bros, what I do is: I just go there and create looks that appeal me and my aesthetic (well whatever is left of it) and then who knows, the look might even get ordered and delivered on my doorstep soon (the real fun part)
So here i am doing that again and thought why not share it with u too? Here’s what I  put together : 


Why this look u ask? well because it speaks summer to me and not only speak, it SCREAAAAMS summer.
That beautiful, beautiful white cotton top has the perfect hem paired with that cute skirt which has the perfect color and perfect flowers to go with that top. I paired these up with these chic sequence embellished sandals and that bag. OMG, that bag has my heart. And glasses are always a must but their cut made the cut into my look
That sums up my sweet escape, now go and create yours and do tell me how you like to keep things in summer.


Cotton blend Scallop hem Top ——> HERE

Floral Skirt ———-> HERE

Camera Cross Body ———-> HERE

Buckle Flats ——-> HERE

Mirrored Glasses ———– HERE 




disc 3.jpgdisc 3.jpg


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