Get the Look -Gigi Hadid ft.

I have always been a huge sucker for casual outfits and plain yet not bland street styles. I am not much of a HOLY GALORE all day, everyday person. Dont worry,  have also got my formal game going strong with all the Fancy blingy stuff because weddings are what we desis do best yet for a weekend or a shopping day or for a leisurely girls night out, I go with my inner street style expert even with my eyes closed.

In the past, street style may have been pretty much average but now even it is taking a toll, BUT the good part (and our favorite of course) is that it need not be expensive or exact. A little touch of anything on a normal day outfit and it starts catching eyes.

And on that note, who else catches more eyes than celebrities? They have to keep their style game strong without doing too much and yet doing more than little (a never ending dilemma,sigh).
So, for today’s post I have recreated a celebrity street style but (HIT THAT BEAT)…. FOR MUCH LESS.
And who does street style any better than the QUEEN GIGI herself, so lets begin the ride:

Get the look : Gigi Hadid Get the look : Gigi Hadid 

Get the look : Gigi Hadid 

Here is what I have recreated for much much less from this website called ROSEGAL :
Gradient Tint Sunglasses ( find HERE)  
Blue Stripped Casual Collar Shirt ( find HERE
 A-line Trench Coat ( find HERE
High Waist Denims ( find HERE)
White Color Block Sneakers ( find HERE)

Now I know there are little differences but boy, you be gettin’ the whole look for the price of those nikes, yo!

The whole, the complete and the ultra chic look , all under $100!

Do check it out bros and do tell me how you like it. Visit the website yourself and send me links to looks that you have recreated and we might put that in a post altogether ! 



disc 3.jpgdisc 3.jpg


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