Dewy and Glowy , all hail the Sigma Shimmer Creams – Review

Quite a while back there came a trend of super glowy and dewy makeup. While many shunned the idea calling it oily and slick , and predicting it to stay for a short while , this trend just doesn’t seem to pass . While many came out with their versions of their signature styles , charging exuberant amounts for achieving that IN YOUR FACE kind of glow , people set out on a hunt to find those products . 

Same was my search as well and during that I was sent this bunch of products by SIGMA BEAUTY . While all of these were shimmery and glittery products , one of them was Shimmer cream in 3 shades . While I have been super lazy in even trying them , because cream products are something I am not much of a fan of . So given the circumstances , I finally moved my arse and gave them a try. And now I that I have finally tried them, I am here with a review .


The Shimmer Cream was created as a brightener to be worn anywhere on the face. Use to highlight and/or contour, depending on the shade. Try blending a small amount over your cupids bow before applying lip color, or smoothing a small amount down the center of your nose. The overall effect of well-placed shine illuminates you to the world. Be a happy and healthy-glowing ice queen year-round.

Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Casein.


My Experience:

The Sigma beauty Shimmer Creams come in a small screw top pots with a beautiful holographic sigma logo on their lids . though I am not much of a fan of such packaging as dipping your fingers again and again may result in hygiene issues , so you better wash your hands before handling them . The jars are clear and you can see the product itself through it which makes it easy to find them in a rush . Keeping up with the Sigma Beauty tradition ,each of the shade is names separately and stickers are placed at the bottom of the pot . The screw cap secures nicely and they are easy to take away in your bag. Each jar contains 0.32 oz / 9 grams of products which is going to last for a long time 

The product itself is more of a waxy consistency rather than cream . The pigmentation is medium and you have to take multiple swipes to build up the color to desired intensity . This I think is a good thing because you won’t go over the top shimmer bomb in one application . The shimmer creams are super smooth and there is no grittines or chunkiness of the shimmer mixed in them which makes it very smooth in application . Move over , it is pigmented evenly , so when you apply it give a uniform glow and color and doesn’t apply patchy. The shade range is very limited , in the beginning they came up with only 3 shades that I currently own – Brilliant , Sultry and Superb . Now they have added 2 more colors to the range named Beacon of Light and Bliss . 

What I like the most about this product is the diversity of the ways I can incorporate them into my daily routine and they don’t look over the top . These can be used over your eyelids to give a wash of color and shine that looks absolutely stunning . Use it under the brow arch to give it a lift or just use on the tip of the nose & cupids bow to give that fuller effect . I love to use Brilliant over my high points to highlight them and it gives such a stunning glow which makes me look fresh.

Now for the staying power . If used alone , these stay for a good 3-4 hours and then start to fade away uniformly . even though they don’t move on their own , but you have to take care not to rub them which would make you look like you just dipped your face in shimmer . To increase its staying power , I would always recommend to set it with a powder based product. once set this stay on for 7-8 hours with full intensity . One of the reasons being the cream product provides a base that keep the powder product in place for a longer time . Moreover , once combined with powder product , it gives an intense glow that everyone is looking for ! 

All in all ,I think this a beautiful product to have in your stash . The shade range might be limited but there is one for everyone in it . If you want that lit-from-within kind of glow ,this is your best bet .


  • Superb:


A beautiful peachy pink infused with holographic shimmer that makes a beautiful blush.

  • Sultry :

Bronze Gold with gold shimmer . Love to use it all over my lids to give a dimension.

  • Brilliant :

Toned down Champagne with fine shimmer that makes an intense highlighter .  


Price & Availability : 

Sigma Beauty Shimmer Creams retail for $16 ( these are on sale these day to 11$ ! ) on their official WEBSITE  . You can avail a 10$ off your first purchase  by Signing on for it  







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