Summer Vacations Essentials – Dress Tops, fun bags and more !

While the sun is full-on ablaze on our heads and with the weather shifting more towards the hot side ,there are some easy breezy summer essentials that one should own while heading out to a destination vacation to ditch this summer sun . While searching for such clothing , I went back to one of my favorite online portals and found a vast array of clothing ranging from super fun flowy Maxi Dresses to 1-piece swimsuits ( in case you are a beach person or a swimming pool person or may just like them) 

So I jotted down a super fun all summer-y wish list of clothing and accessories that would be super handy in case you are planning a vacation ! 

I have picked a really comfy and light Pineapple print sleeveless top and paired it with an Embroidered jeans to keep that element of fun going . To top off the PINEAPPLE effect , I present to you this super fun pineapple bag that goes with the outfit so well that I am patting my back for it (ikr ! ) 

To accessorize further , I picked up these beaded rimmed glasses to add up the necessary oomph to the whole outfit and also these wooden tassel ear drops because tassels are all the rage these day ! Last but not the least , I picked these really comfy yet chic gladiator flats in a rather neutral color because there is already so much going on at the top that shoes really needed to be toned down 

Hope you guys liked this super fun yet easy and comfy outfit .I have been shopping from for a while now and the experience has always been great ! If you guys have nay questions drop them down below and I would be happy to help


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