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I simply cannot thank enough the one who came up with the idea of online shopping and plastic money ! Seriously Bro I owe you one !! If you have been following me for a while ,you guys must know how much I shop online ( Thanks to my lazy arse ) ,so much that I keep on checking for things I don’t need and won’t need for a while too (makes any sense ? ) 

Any how , So I again stumbled upon this super cool multi service website (I stumble a lot don’t I ?) and I am literally blow away by the variety of merchandise they are offering . I mean from kitchen to home appliances to beauty to fashion to Phones and cameras , they have everything for everyone ,so this post is not just for my girls its for ma bros too YO !

Banggood’s Story:

Welcome, here at we believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to you our customers. If you don’t already know our motto is best bang for your buck and we’re proud to offer you exclusive deals and promotions just for you.

Banggood was founded in 2006, specializing in computer software research and development. Focusing on foreign trade e-commerce. From there it developed into an online retailer for almost everything you need for living and entertaining. We have 4 offices, one in Hong Kong, one in Shenzhen,one in Hangzhou, and one in Yiwu.

Banggood’s heart is in Guangzhou it is where all the Banggood magic happens, there you will find our main office housing 1000+ employees from customer service to product managers. The whole team is committed to providing low price, high quality products and professional services to global customers.

Merchandise , Services and User Interface:

Putting out this as a major disclaimer that this person (points to oneself) is one online shopping addict .Given this fact , I have shopped a lot from both national and international shopping portals multiple times ( read my experiences in previous posts ) . So while most of the sites stay limited to fashion or beauty or one particular niche , I felt that there should be that one portal for kind of website where I can just go and get all my stuff sorted from my phone accessories , Camera equipment , some little fashion fix , a little something for hubzy dear and all that stuff . You might tell me there already are such portals but looking for that one authentic dealer and then the stuff arrives in parts is something I just can’t do, because for me online shopping should be both tension and hassle free. 

Having said that , I present to you my latest discovery .The vast variety of the merchandise offered by these people just left me awestruck I mean where can you find stuff ranging from you necessary beauty supply to your car head light replacements ? I absolutely love the beautiful smart phone accessories that too brand wise ! Yes you heard it ,whether you have an iPhone , a Samsung phone or Huwaei one , Banggood got you all covered !  More over do check out the vast range of smartphones they have with some amazing specifications that can really satisfy the techie in you trust me ! 

Residing in Pakistan , one of the most common question asked is what is the mode of payment and before that, do they even deliver to Pakistan ? 

The answer is yes they deliver to Pakistan and among the various modes of payment , they accept our Visa / Debit card along with master card and Paypal . The shipping varies between standard shipping and USPS depending from which warehouse the item s being dispatched . 

Coming to the UI of the website I would say it is a very user friendly website with a basic lay out with no technicalities . The drop down menu and expandable categories makes the search really easy . The search bar is very helpful , even if they don’t have your exact match, you would still be provided matches with your partial search words . 

My Picks :

While browsing around ,I picked up a couple of things virtually (because why now 😛 ) so that you guys could get the idea of how diverse the selection is ! here you go !

1. Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro



2. Cute Cat Shoulder Bag



3. Tri-Fold LED Lighted Mirrors Makeup



4. Night Reading LED Book Light lamp Panel

Overall I am super excited on this new discover and just couldn’t help but share with you guys about it . To keep updated with such discoveries , follow me on Instagram ! 

disc 3.jpgdisc 3.jpg


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