Marking a Mile stone , MM Makeup Turns ONE !! – Event Report

Makeup Industry in Pakistan has recently seen a massive boom with many brands popping up in the market . With many companies and individuals catering to the beauty needs of Pakistani women , it is not easy to launch a complete Pakistani brand and then be successful too !

Massarat Misbah is not a name unknown to anyone . being a pioneer in the beauty industry , a philanthropist and a makeup maestro , she has added another achievement in her list named as Massarat Misbah Makeup line .


) , and has taken over the market with a huge success . its worth mentioning here that the modern Pakistani woman is highly quality conscious these days especially when it come to cosmetics and skin care . So, when MM makeup was launched , I, along with many others (I am sure you too ,who is reading this ) was skeptical of the ingredients , quality and the performance of the Makeup line . Well , not our fault though because, as makeup enthusiast would agree, we have been disappointed by many brands that claimed high and delivered none, The list includes some very well known Pakistani Brands as well . BUT , yes here stands a big fat but , this time it was not the case because MM Makeup surprised everyone . Its Silk Foundation being an instant hit was , and still is , raved among the Beauty gurus and bloggers alike at many forums .

The point of saying all of this above is that FINALLY we have a makeup brand that we can be proud of and call our own  and when you own something everything about it matters . So when this beloved brand completed its first year ,it was time to celebrate !

Event Details :

On April 26th 2016 ,as upon the launch the media and friends were invited ,so were we at the first anniversary celebrations. being organised in the Heart of Lahore ,the venue turned out to be none other than The Nishat Hotel. The event was beautifully arranged by none other than the very creative Sana Bhatti and organised by the Walnut Communications.

Decor Details

Decor Details

The ever gorgeous Misbah ladies were there with there warm smiles welcoming everyone. I got a super warm hug from Massarat Misbah ( I simply love that lady Okay ! ) at the entrance and was directed to scrumptious lunch to help myself . Present there were many well known faces from Digital and Print media, also present were many socialites. So basically it was a pretty star studded event and seriously, it deserved to be ( we are making history here baby !! ) . The ambiance and decor was on point. It was such a warm and lively event ,where everyone got together and ate to MM Makeup’s success.

<img src=" woman is born beautiful and has a right to look and feel gorgeous. A few strokes of the right makeup can make any face light up.

While talking to Nighat Misbah , she questioned many of our questions that we usually et asked about on our social media . I am so glad I had this conversation with here where she shared some of here amazing tips and tricks to get the most out of the MM Makeup line . She also revealed that MM makeup is being used in all the Depilex Branches throughout the country . Also ,she talked about the many upcoming releases later in this year .According to her, the new launches include a complete highlight and contour palette, individual highlighters , new shade range in all Lipstick ranges and brow powders. I am glad to have this conversation with her because it came with so  many exciting revelations 😀 ( And I am sure this got you excited too ! )

<img src=" ! You heard it , all 7 days of Masarrat makeup where There will be reviews of their products everyday (so you guys better keep an eye on them ) and who knows we might add up a look or two using MM Makeup !!

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Hope you guys liked a virtual walk through the event . Do let me know what you guys think about the MM Makeup and how has your experience been with the brand during last year . Also, let me know what you think about my 7 days of MM Makeup series .

Stay Blessed

Sherry K


* Pictures Courtesy : Walnut Communications & Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Facebook Page.

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  1. The decoration! So so so beautiful! Looking forward to your reviews

  2. Sweet. I am so happy for Mussarat Misbah. And I am glad that her makeup line is doing very well. i didn't get a chance to try out any of MM products unfortunately.

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