When Dupes Rule ! – 5 Piece Oval Brush set (Review)

About 2 years back MAC came out with their toothbrush shaped brushes which were highly critiqued and the hype died down within a month or so . Then around mid 2016 , The Artis brushes were all the rage and with that kind of hype comes a flood of copies and dupes . At first I was not too keen on trying these because

A. The shape of the brushes wasn’t something I felt quite comfortable with and

B. Hyped things usually disappoint.



So recently, I had a chance to work with this super amazing website ZAFUL. They were kind enough to offer me to have my picks from their website and along with some other stuff , I got this 5 piece oval brush set along with a stand , just to see what was all halooopa about . 

I have had these brushes for a while now and after testing them again and again ,I feel that its time that I put out a verdict and that’s exactly this post is all about . Keep on reading to know how I find these brushes 

5 Pcs Toothbrush Shape Makeup Brushes Set with Holder

Product Description

Category: Makeup Brushes Set
Brush Hair Material: Nylon
Features: Professional
Season: Fall,Spring,Summer,Winter
Weight: 0.150kg
Package: 5 x Brushes (Pcs) 1 x Brush Holder


This 5 piece brush set with brush holder comes in a white cardboard box, mine came pretty much battered so I didn’t photograph it. All five brushes come with a black and white detailing handles while the holder is clack plastic. I really like the quality of the brush handles as its really sturdy and while blending it give enough control by not being all dangly yet enough bendable to not break under pressure (if that makes sense ) . The Hair are fine Nylon and by fine I really mean fine and soft . All of these brushes are really soft and densely packed. I have tried another brush from a local seller which has this super fine neck that makes me worry when I am blending my foundation because it seems to break any time . 

The set contains 5 brushes which are Foundation brush , Concealer Brush , Big Contour Brush , small contour / Liner brush and round Blender brush :

Foundation Brush:


Foundation BrushFoundation Brush

Foundation Brush


The foundation brush has become an instant favorite for me because the give that perfect airbrushed finished even to the thickest and most matte foundation (MM Makeup Foundation) in my stash . What i do is I put the foundation on my face directly and then use the brush in circular motion starting from the nose outwards which gives a perfect base to work on . The finish is super fine and air brushed that wasn’t achievable before while using my most trusted Real Techniques Miracle Sponge ! Yes you heard it right , previously I had  been using the RT Miracle Sponge and was so in love with the finish it gave , but ever since I have gotten these brushes , the term AIR BRUSHED has gotten a whole new meaning . 

Concealer Brush:


Concealer BrushConcealer Brush

Concealer Brush


The Smaller concealer brush is just the perfect size to fit in the under eye area and blend the concealer without spreading it much. I have also used it for putting on loose powder for baking under eyes and jaw line and it picks up just the right amount of powder ! You can also use this brush for your cream highlighter and blush , however I won’t recommend it for your cream contour because to me it feels a bit big for that . But you can always use it to blend that contour latter on ! 

The Large Contour Brush:


Large Contour BrushLarge Contour Brush

Large Contour Brush


The large and small contour brushes are built in such a way that putting straight lines like on the sides of the nose or at the jaw line has never been easier ! If you are a person like me who cant get their lines straight neither on paper nor at the bridge of their nose , then these brushes are a life saver ! I prefer using the larger brush for sketching out the contour lines at the sides of my nose , hollows of the cheeks and the jawline and later blend them with other brushes .

The smaller Contour/ Liner brush


Small Contour/Liner BrushSmall Contour/Liner Brush

Small Contour/Liner Brush


is something I prefer using to get that wing right . I just dip it in the gel liner and put those outer lines for the wing at the outer corner of my eye . Since its just the right size and is pretty stiff , you are bound to have that straight line you always wanted . However sometime I use this brush to put on finer lines along the bridge of the nose for finer contour .  Both ways it works pretty well

The Round Blender Brush:


Round Blender BrushRound Blender Brush

Round Blender Brush


This little round headed brush is meant for that precise blending when you don’t want your product to look slathered on your face ! Yes sometimes when we try to blend out cream contour , it gets really messy and we end up looking quite muddy all over . After putting on those lines with the contour brushes , i go in with this brush in small circular motions to and fro to blend the harsh line. Being small in size it give a very precise control over the blending and doesn’t just spread the product else where


As much as I love these brushes , I however find that the quality of the holder is pretty sleazy and the plastic is quite plastic-y (does it make sense). As much as the brushes look and feel of good quality , the holder is a tad bit not up to the mark . But it holds and keeps the brushes in place nicely . Though the condition of our area isn’t much in favor of keeping brushes on such an extravagant display but a little fancy-ness never hurts 😉 All in all , I would recommend this brush set to all of you . If you are still confused , I would say get only the foundation brush and see it for yourself . everytime I use these brushes , it just leaves me awestruck ( No exaggeration ! ) 

Price & Availability:

The 5 Piece Tooth Brush Shaped Brush Set with Holder  is available on Zaful.com for 12.49$ ,which keeps on going even lower during various sales they keep on putting from time to time.


Have you used the Oval Brushes yet ? Do you think that the finish is closer to what much hyped beauty blender gives ? Do let me know in the comments below .



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  1. Loved the concealer and round blender brushes. The other two were a bit frizzy. I never tried round brushes yet but tempted now. Great review and photos were stunning.

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