NYX Lip Lingerie – Something Every Nude Lips Lover needs in their stash

I am all about them nudes ! Don’t get me wrong because I am talking about nude lip colors and my love for them . For the reasons unknown , I have always gravitated towards nude lip colors be it lipstick , liquid lipstick or lip gloss , my first instinct is to pick out a nude color among them . So, when I saw this complete range of diverse nudes from NYX called “Lip Lingerie” I just had to have at least one of them . So finally I picked up one for myself in the shade RUFFLE TRIM . Keep on reading to know how I find this matte liquid lipstick

NYX Lip Lingerie:

“Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our luxurious liquid lipstick with a plush, Matte finish. Available in the color-kissed hues you know and love—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—plus, 12 brand-new nudes! Each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.”


My Experience:

The Nyx Lip Lingerie comes in a pretty standard lip gloss tube packaging with no fancy detail or wow factor however ,the applicator is a flat spatula like rather than regular doe-foot applicator which I think is pretty nice for the fact that you pick up enough product on both sides and don’t need to dip it again and again in the tube . The packaging is really sturdy and the cap secures pretty tight so you can easily carry it in your bag without fear of spilling or smearing . 


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle TrimNYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim


The formula of this liquid lipstick is more like a mousse with a thick consistency which is really soft and kind of fluffy . I absolutely love the texture of this lip cream . The product glides on easily over the lips without any tugging and is opaque enough to need only one swipe to get full coverage and you don’t need to layer up the product.. Since its quite thick, it takes a minute or two to dry up completely ,which I personally don’t mind as it gives ample amount of time to make any corrections . However I would suggest to stay away from smacking  or rubbing your lips together because that makes the application quite patchy and ruins all the smoothness  Once all dried the finish is super soft and looks quite velvety which I really really like as it doesn’t look all chalky or dry on the lips . However,if you smack your lips really hard , you will feel a slight tackiness of the lips .


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle TrimNYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim


The staying power of the Nyx Lip Lingerie is about 3-4 hours on me . I emphasize on the point ON ME because I am such a lipstick eater that even if I stay quite , the lipstick would just disappear . So on me it stays a good 3-4 hours without eating or drinking and after 5 hours it starts to fade from the center. With eating and drinking , the lipstick fades away evenly . I feel like the shades are pretty much in the nude range (except a few) that the staying time is comparatively less.


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle TrimNYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim


he shade that I got is Ruffle Trim, which is an absolutely gorgeous peachy nude . however, I would like to mention that once dried , the color gets one to two tones darker which I think is the case with every other liquid lipstick . The color is beautiful and doesn’t wash me out at all and I would say it compliments our desi skin tones really well due to the depth of the color . 


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle TrimNYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim


All in all , I would say that I really like the formula and the color of this liquid lipstick . I know I would be reaching out to it ever so often and this is one of my go to shades . However , the shorter lasting power is a major bummer for me as I am not a person who is keen on retouches . But there is a vast range of colors (24 I believe) and everyone is bound to find their perfect nude lip color in this collection which is pretty decent for the price tag (7$)

Swatches :


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim 

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim 


NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim (Lip Swatch)NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim (Lip Swatch)

NYX Lip Lingerie- Ruffle Trim (Lip Swatch)


Price & Availability :

The NYX Lip Lingerie is available for 7$ at their Official Website . You can also find them at your nearest Drugstore , Target and Ulta .

For people in Pakistan ,you can find Nyx Cosmetics through online sellers . I got mine from a Facebook Page  BEAUTY POINT ,KARACHI .  




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2 thoughts on “NYX Lip Lingerie – Something Every Nude Lips Lover needs in their stash

  1. Really loved your opinion on this. It lasts a pretty good time on me but everybody faces a different experience. Ruffle Trim is my go-to color. You can spot me wearing this daily, it’s so beautiful. 🙂

  2. I have been eyeing these lippies for very long but was hesitating as i have tons of neutral shade now i think its worth having. Very nice review.

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