5 different ways to cozy up in that Shawl

Since the winter season in its full swing here in Pakistan (Finally) ,I have decided to do these different ways to wrap up that shawl which you always end up just wrapping around or just drape it over your shoulders . Just a little tweaking here and folding it there can make a huge difference. What I love about winters is that you can wear as many of your favorite pieces all together and still look amazing ( a bit chubby but still amazing !) . Even with formal wear and those weddings  coming up , we always need that extra wrap around us to feel warm and cozy and still look the best .

So here it goes:

1.    Fold and Drape:



A simple shoulder drape is never going to go out of fashion EVER! What I did was just fold it in half length wise and drape it over so that it looks neater and is far more manageable than being wide open.

2.    Classic  ol’ wrap :



No matter what I do or say, I always always end up wrapping that shawl around myself to find that extra bit of warmth that I can possibly gather (because I feel super cold all the time till its summer) I am sure it’s the most carried out style but still just neat things up , fold it in half length wise again . You can always add a pin or brooch at one end to add a little oomph and also to keep it in place.

3.    Belt it up :



Just before the fashion police kills me on using this style , I personally love this way of wearing a shawl a lot. Once tied up , You can always gather the ends over your shoulders or just pull them down and wear like a cape . I absolutely love  this embroidery on the shawl so I just pull the ends down and flaunt those colors like it ain’t  nobody’s business 

4.    All tied up :



This particular style goes very well when you pair it up with a cardigan or a coat or something like that . I really really like  to wear my scarves like this paired with my trench coats . Even if you button up, it will keep you neck all cozy and warm!

5.    Knot it inside:



As different as it looks , its super easy to make ! fold your shawl in half and make a giant rectangle , now pick up close to one side and knot it up. It will make a easy to pull over your neck and then you can either keep it there or pull the sides over your shoulder (like I have) 


These are the five simple ways to style that shawl this winter and stay al warm and cozy with style. How do you prefer taking your shawl in winters ? Do let me know in the comments below . 
Stay Blessed

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