Spring Wardrobe Makeover ft. Stylewe

When I did the last post , it was pretty chilly over here but as soon as it got published the weather took a turn and kaboom! it was Spring all around . Yeah, that gave me a major eye roll too but still gotta keep that wardrobe updated you know . 

So, I was browsing around and stumbled upon this amazing multi designer online store named STYLEWE which carries innumerable renowned designers all under one platform . Ranging from Cute Party Dresses to outerwear to shoes and accessories such as jewelry , handbags ,scarves and much more , I find it pretty amazing that you can just shop a whole look from just one website rather than placing orders at different stores and having the hassle of receiving multiple parcels.

While browsing around , I have put together a casual and a rather formal look for you guys from this one website so that you guys can have an idea how easy it is to shop from such multi designer websites:

– Casual :

For a more casual and go to look, I paired a Grey Beaded Mid thigh Tunic with  a pair of classic white cotton skinny pants and a black sequined clutch bag . All those who know me would know why on earth I chose the one with a cat 😀 . To add that little sparkle , these zircon studded pearl earrings are just perfect. While keeping everything else in a monochrome, I went with a statement pair of Blue Suede Loafers to add that color that lifts the whole outfit and definitely makes heads turn. This casual look is just perfect for those carefree spring outings with friends and family when you don’t want to go over the top with those fancy heels and jewels yet want to make a statement . 

-Formal :

For a more chic look , I think formal Jumpsuits  are a great option that ensure comfort and style in one outfit . For those more formal dinners and get-togethers , I have picked this Black paneled strips jumpsuit with this super cute red belt detailing. To keep the whole theme going , I didn’t pick up any other color to add to the palette ,so I paired it with Red Stilettos and a red appliqued leather Tote to make that statement . Again keeping the jewelry to minimal , I found these super cute square stripped metal earrings to go with the whole look . Also , as it gets a bit chilly towards the later hours , I paired up this really smart blazer with a nice white detailing on the cuffs to make the whole outfit look more sophisticated and chic . You can either wear the blazer or just drape it over your shoulders and flaunt it around. 

These are the two looks that I have put together while browsing around  Stylewe.com . I kept the color palette pretty much basic because black and white  is such a universal and fool-proof combination that anyone and everyone can pull it off . If you don’t feel like pairing these up with a bold statement pieces , you can always opt for a subtle options like nude pumps or even go total monochrome and get black accessories all the way from top to bottom. 


I hope you find this post helpful and would check out this amazing web store and the gazillion looks you can shop from them. Do let me know if you liked/didn’t like the looks and what could have been added to them . What combinations are your favorites and how do you guys make a statement . 



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