Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete – Review & Swatches

I am a neutrals and natural makeup person through and through and if you see my pictures on social media you would notice minimal makeup even on the fanciest events. But half way through this year I vowed to stepout of my comfort zone and play more with colors and get a little experimental with makeup.

The Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete came just in time when I was feeling the colors a little too much. So I played around it and today is all about this pallete.

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Pallete :

Specially chosen array of gentle and bold toned eyeshadows that together exemplify beauty and grace

Apply shades either dry for a subtle look or wet for a more intense color effect

My Experience :

The Coastal Scents JOLI COLIBRI pallete comes in a very cardboard box with a cardboard packaging and a magnetic closure. With a net 15.6 gm/ 0.48 oz of product the pallette has 12 eye shadows with a decent pan size and the color range is beautiful.

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow PalleteCoastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete

The pallette is quite cool toned with a mix of mattes and metallic colors. There is a matte base color to a darker brown, a matte pink and 2 metallic blues to add that pop of colour and of course a basic matte black to pull that whole look together. Personally I would have had loved if there was another colour instead of the darker blue, it would have made the pallette even more diverse.


Coming to the texture of the shadows. The Matte shadows especially the lighter ones are buttery smooth but a little dusty, giving away some kick back in the pan when used with brushes. However, they are all pigmented and blend really well both with fingers and with brushes, so that’s a win for me.


I personally believe that its very hard to go wrong with the metallic shadows and they are the best textures out there given how smooth and pigmented they are with reflective power, they are just everyone’s favourite shadows. All of the metallics, except for the dark blue, 2nd from right in last row is very hard to pick up. The shadow is just so hard that you have to keep rubbing your finger on it to get something out of it, which is so unlikely given rest of the metallics in the pallette are just gorgeous.

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete - SwatchesCoastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete - Swatches

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete – Swatches

The staying power of the shadows is pretty decent for over 5 hours, without any primer underneath which will definitely increase their performance.

All in all, I think this is a very beautiful pallette to have if you are into theme based palettes and love playing with cooler tones.

Price & Availability :

The Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow Pallete is available at the Coastal Scents website for $15! But do keep an eye out for their sales that keep happening from time to time and you can get Coastal Scents products at almost half the price!!!

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri EyeshadowCoastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow

Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Eyeshadow

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