One week of hydration with Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks – Review

In the past couple of years sheet masks have been quite a thing among skin care enthusiasts. While the trend started off from the Korean skin care brands, now almost every other brand has hopped the bandwagon and is coming out with their own sheet masks. The latest has to be Garnier which has come out with the name Hydra bombs, which claim to give you one week of hydration with one mask application. Does it live up the claims? Let’s get to know that 

Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask:

Water-based sheet mask that provides deep moisture for instantly softer, more radiant skin.This water-based sheet mask with Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient naturally found in skin, floods skin with intense, weightless hydration.  

My Experience  : 

The Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask comes in a single tear off packet that contains one tissue mask for a single use. The tissue mask comes nicely folded on itself and drenched in serum. Also the packet has enough serum that can easily go on your neck for a nice massage or even on your hands. The mask comes with a blue peel off paper on top that doesn’t let the mask stick together when its packaged. 

The mask is made of very thin fabric like material that fits the contours of the face beautifully and once applied stays there firmly, unlike many other masks that keep falling off incase you decide to move around once you have them on. 

Now coming on to the product /serum of the mask, I have tried 3 out of 4 variants : 

1. Super hydratng Sakura Glow-Revealing Mask with Cherry Blossom Extract:


Intensely re-hydrates, restores healthy rosy glow and improves skin quality.  

2. Super Hydrating Replenishing Mask with pomegranate Extract:

Garnier hydra bomb tissue maskGarnier hydra bomb tissue mask

Intensely re-hydrates, reduces wrinkles and boosts skin radiance. 

3. Super Hydrating Re-balancing Mask with Green Tea Extract : 

Garnier hydra bomb tissue mask green teaGarnier hydra bomb tissue mask green tea

Intensely re-hydrates, mattifies skin and visibly reduces pores. 


The serum of the masks is paraben free and has hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient that makes the  skin look plump and smooth with its usage. Even though the claims of 1 mask = 1 week of hydration may seem far fetched, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it definitely worked really well in hydrating my otherwise parched skin. I usually put on masks before bed time for 15-20 mins, so I wake up to a really fresh and healthy  looking skin. All three of  the masks work really well but the one with Pomegranate extracts was a clear winner for me! It made my skin look really plump and smooth and I would be getting it again for sure. I won’t say that it works to keep your skin hydrated for a whole week but with regular usage it keeps your skin hydrated and improves the texture.

I would definitely recommend these tissue masks to anyone who is looking for a nice hydrating mask to pamper their skin at home.  

Tip: Don’t wash your skin after removing the mask, instead work the serum into your skin with a gentle massage to get maximum benefit from the product. Also massage your neck with the serum remaining in the packet to give it an equal hydration.   

Price & Availability :

The Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks retail for PKR 299/- and available at all Garnier Kiosks nationwide. You can order online from


Garnier hydra bomb tissue sheet masksGarnier hydra bomb tissue sheet masks





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    1. I was pleasantly surprised by these too! definitely a must try and easily availability is a huge plus

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