Depilex reveal 17 – Marking Milestones to setting benchmarks in a night!

It’s been a while since our Beauty industry has started to grow with a steady  pace that without a doubt we all are loving. From coming up with stunning editorials to Bridal campaigns to our own Makeup lines, there is little doubt left that we are taking the  business of Beauty seriously. 

While talking about the Pakistani beauty industry, one name that instantly pops up in our mind is the makeup maestro Masarrat Misbah and her internationally recognized brand Depilex. While I say this, don’t take me biased for anything, but she really is one person who took the industry by storm and ever since setting up Depilex Beauty Clinic 37 years back, there has been no looking back by this lady with the nerves of steel. Its always easier to walk on a path already there, but setting up a new road and then staying by it something that needs your blood and sweat in literal meanings.  

Marking the 37 years and more than 60 beacons of beauty,health and education  that Depilex group of companies has provided in the form of Depilex Beauty Clinic, Depilex smile again foundation, Depilex College of cosmetology or the lounge by Depilex men, the team Depilex came up with an idea of Depilex reveal 17, an exclusive Hair & Makeup showcase by Depilex for their looks for the upcoming year 2018.


Team Depilex - Behind The Scenes of Depilex Reveal '17Team Depilex - Behind The Scenes of Depilex Reveal '17

Team Depilex – Behind The Scenes of Depilex Reveal ’17


The grand  Marquee being draped in the monochrome hues of black and white at the Royl palm golf and Country in the cultural hub of Pakistan, Lahore, the team made it sure that it had to be an eve to remember by the attendees. 

Being one of the guests, of course I can only just imagine what kind of hard work of months would have been gone behind this amazing showcase (the details will follow in a moment)  .  

I absolutely loved the idea of the black carpet set in all black with the gilded Gold emblem set in the middle in all its glory. 


Redah Misbah at the lack Carpet of Depilex Reveal '17Redah Misbah at the lack Carpet of Depilex Reveal '17

Redah Misbah at the lack Carpet of Depilex Reveal ’17


Coming to the ramp, what I loved most about it was the simplicity yet the exotic branding of the runway all set in the theme. Setting up a plain theme in solid colors in a good idea especially if you want the minor details like hair and makeup to stand  out the most.  

Now coming to the main part, the hair and makeup looks were divided into Hair colors & styles, bride and groom makeup & styling , Men’s Styling and The Avant Garde looks (which has to be my favorite segment!) 

The hair looks revealed were quite bold given our standard tastes but I think the hues were really edgy and were easy to carry if you want to. Ranging from the hues of copper and ashes to as bold as lavender purple and bright reds. The beautiful blends of techniques like balyage to subtle highlights, I think the play of colors was beautiful and unique. 

Hair Color & Cuts at Depilex Reveal'17Hair Color & Cuts at Depilex Reveal'17

Hair Color & Cuts at Depilex Reveal’17

The bride and groom makeup and styling was done in a rather subtle manner rather Going all in your face with those super bold eyes and lips all paired up together. I would rather focus on the grooms here than the brides, because I personally think that the grooms styling is difficult because you can easily go over the top and not make him look the best. The grooms were Styled rather sleek with added hints of color to the hair like steel Greys and pastel blues and they looked phenomenal! 

Bride & Groom Styling at Depilex Reveal '17Bride & Groom Styling at Depilex Reveal '17

Bride & Groom Styling at Depilex Reveal ’17

Men’s Grooming and styling section was rather subtle and offered not much of innovation but still the looks done were quite commendable and they didn’t go over the top with anything . This I think is obvious because the margin in men’s styling is rather limited and the play of subtle hints and edgy cuts showcased were nice and nothing that would just hit you in the face and leave you wondering where did that come from ! 

Men's Styling at Depilex Reveal'17Men's Styling at Depilex Reveal'17

Men’s Styling at Depilex Reveal’17

 However, the Avant Garde makeup looks have to be a favorite of mine for so many reasons. I absolutely loved the whole concept from setting the mood right with the opening to that faux smoke to the background score to whole leather attires to those absolutely stunning head gears. It was phenomenal. The whole looks were so aptly put together yet all over the place, the whole feel was just too good to consume you during the whole display (I hope this makes sense). 

The Avant Garde Looks at Depilex Reveal '17The Avant Garde Looks at Depilex Reveal '17

The Avant Garde Looks at Depilex Reveal ’17

All in all, must say Masarrat Misbah, Redah Misbah, Hafsah Haseeb and the entire team Depilex has outdone themselves in setting the benchmark higher than anyone could have imagined especially in our Beauty industry. A solo showcase of this magnitude is definitely an effort that is commendable on so many levels. I must say that Team Depilex is all about breaking  all stereotypes about beauty and setting new standards in Pakistan. 

 I am still in awe  with the whole experience while writing this and you may find me exaggerating things, but you must know that reason behind  writing it as soon as possilewas none other than to explain the whole experience first hand with all the details still intact in my mind. 

 Masarrat Misbah and team Depilex intend to put this showcase up yearly to keep up with rapidly evolving fashion trends and bring them to life on the ramp. The idea is exciting me already and I extend them my congratulations and best wishes for all their future endeavors.




Picture Credits : Walnut Communications / Creation Chapter


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