Fine Tailoring comes home with Door to Door Tailors by Aghaz clothing- Review

Just imagine this:

You go to a market, see some super beautiful fabric, imagine yourself in it with some stylish cuts and trimmings looking like a million bucks, get excited, buy it against your better judgement, take it to your tailor, give him a million reference pictures. He tells you it will be done in so and so days, never gives you back in time and when he does, you end up looking like wearing a potato sack.

Quite relatable, no?  Been there, done that and after many such disasters, I have stopped buying loose cloth and get it stitched just to end up disappointed and not liking the dress. BUT still while scrolling down my instagram feed, I loved those pretty lawn joras, peplum tops and those boot cut pants with organza details. So while I was on a search for a good tailor, I toppled over this online tailoring service and took a leap of faith. What happened next was a total delight. If you are from Lahore and are totally devastated by the disasters your tailor does this post is for you! Have a look yourself below:

Door 2 Door Tailors by Aghaaz Clothing :

Door 2 Door Tailoring Services is a project by Aaghaaz Clothing.

Introducing Door 2 Door stitching service in Lahore. We provide customized stitching service. Visiting a tailor shop need not to be a headache anymore. Door 2 Door Tailoring Services is a project by Aaghaaz. We provide tailors for your valuable clothes to designed, rather than struggling and searching for a tailor on roads get him at you door step.

My Experience:

I got in touch with Door to Door Tailors via instagram and the response was prompt. I talked to them about what I wanted and they instantly showed me the designs which they were doing. They are offering free pick and drop from your place which to be honest is such a relief for me. I took the plunge and told them to come over. I was a little uncomfortable by the idea of tailor coming in my home ad giving him measurements and all, but the lady Saman contacted me and told me that she will be picking the clothes(another plus).

Now havelook at the stitching and be amazed by the neatness. It really depicts how professionally they are doing this. I asked for a paneled shirt with pearl details over neck line, hem and sleeves, double organza details over boot cut pants. 

Coming to the finishing , the stitching is very neat and fine. There are no loose threads every where. The hemming is pretty neat as well. The pearl detailing are hand stitched and don’t come off after one wear ( like some really expensive pret wear). 






Sherry K


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5 thoughts on “Fine Tailoring comes home with Door to Door Tailors by Aghaz clothing- Review

  1. Wow this is so amazing. I have so many unstitched lawn suits resting in my cupboard, but don't wanna ruin them in the hands of tailors. But this idea is so good. Wish someone could start here in Isloo as well. And by the way I am loving your dress and wanna see it's complete look.😃

  2. The idea of picking from home and returning them with stitched on the right committed time is just talking about a miracle … and yes i agreed prices are bit higher but stitching is very very very neat

  3. Yes its really an amazing service. I just love how you have your peace of mind and not fret on how it will turn out. Will post pictures of the dress on instagram soon

  4. I know right! I am not bothered about a bit high price only to get my dresses stitched just the way i want them to be.

  5. I think the charges are pretty reasonable! Sounds like an amazing service!

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