March & April Favorites

Cant believe its already half way through April already !! Last month I was completely MIA from the blog ,all thanks to the crazy studies and exams , but still I had a few events to attend which you would have seen me cover over the Instagram .Speaking of which , I am totally not a fan of the new update of instagram . I mean whats up with the all white layout ? I miss that blue logo and all . Be honest do you guys like it ?

Okay, so I had to rant about it and since its now out ,Lets head over to the March & April Favorites .I missed the March post but got some amazing things to try for a little while longer so they made to the list . Here are my picks as monthly Favorites :

1.Du’vi Stockholm Green Tea Face wash :

I am all about organic skin care and I hardly incorporate anything new in my regimen . I was given the opportunity to try out Du’vi Skin care products ( Read Review


) , I was skeptical at first but when I used the Green tea face wash , I was literally blown by its performance. From that amazing Green Tea fragrance to mild formula , its amazing for this summer if you have an oily combination skin that is sensitive too. Its a favorite for me and totally recommended,

2. Flormar Mattifying Top Coat:

I am all about Matte, be it lips or foundation or nails . Its been long that I was in search of a pocket friendly Mattifying Top Coat ,since I rarely wear Nail paints ,splurging on a top coat wasn’t a good idea. On my recent trip to grocery shop , I spotted this Mattifying Top Coat by Flormar and grab it instantly. With a price tag of PKR 280 , It does a pretty decent job and I am totally hooked to the satin finish it gives to my nails . If you find it , I suggest you grab it  and thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰

3.L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara:

I got this a while back and never liked it because I am not a mascara person . Some of my friends who have seen me put me mascara know that I always end up like I have been punched in the face . to cut it short , I have recently started taking mascara seriously and now I am pretty good at it . Of all the mascaras I have tried , This Volumising mascara by L’Oreal has stolen my heart to the extent that I wear it at home without any reason just because I love how long and thick it makes my lashes look . It holds up the curl beautifully and doesn’t make my lashes feel heavy or sticky or hard. I got the water proof version of it ,so if you are into water proof mascaras , try this one for sure !

4. Beauty UK Shy Cheeks Cream Blush Stick -Vanilla Ice:

One cannot have enough Highlighters ! yes count me in the list . I have this one for a while but didn’t use it because I wasn’t sure if it was going to show up on my skin because its too light or stay for enough time because its cream and we have summer here . BUT – when I used it ,I am hooked . If you are into that glowy skin trend or strobing , this little chubby thing is for you ! It gives the most subtle glow that makes your skin look so healthy and lit from within. I use it over my foundation even in the day time because its not something over the top and make you look like a grease ball. I am definitely getting a back up of this one and you should get one too !!

5.W7 Candy Blush -Orion:

W7 is kind of an underrated brand in Pakistan and not much talked about. I got this blush on the recommendation of a friend and glad I did . I will be reviewing this little pot of wonder soon in detail in upcoming days but read my words THIS.IS.THE.BOMB . Yes ! you heard it . This blush is so so soooo pigment packed that I was amazed . I wasn’t expecting much out of it but it totally caught me off guard. I always complain that no blusher shows on my skin and I need to layer up but not with this one . I have to be very very careful while using it because a slight dip in the product picks up so much that it needs a very light hand or else you may end up in being a clown face. If you want a matte blush that is pigment packed and has an amazing price tag of just PKR 650 , must get this .

6. J’adore By Dior Eau De Perfume:

Recently I have been obsessed with perfumes and have been hoarding them. J’adore by Dior has been raved among many and I can’t say any of them was wrong . It has a mild floral fragrance that is not overwhelming .It leaves a sweet tinge that lasts a very very long time. I am very particular about scents and this one is definitely going to be used a lot this season (after my BVL Omnia that is). If you are unsure , get a tester for it and then invest in the full size but at least try it for once ! 

And its a wrap ! This was all about the March and April Favorites .I have tried to chop down the list to my most favorites of these months that are amazing . Plus these all products are made for summer ! This summer try any of these and I am sure you won’t regret getting them 

Have you tried any of these before ? What are your top summer picks this season ? Are you going all glowy or leaning towards the matte tend ? Do let me know in the comments below .

Stay Blessed

Sherry K.


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16 thoughts on “March & April Favorites

  1. The Duvi face wash sounds so good, I would love to pick,it up soon plus I think I need to add W7 and Beauty Uk blush in my stash too. Thanks for the wonderful post. ๐Ÿ™‚Chaste & Beautiful

  2. Great picks. Loved reading details of every item. Need to try beauty UK vanilla ice and w7 blush.

  3. Hey, you have mentioned some really nice products. J'adore EDP is among my favourites but since it's not as great as it was when it was initially launched, I currently prefer J'adore L'Absolu EDP. I still have my half finished bottle of the original version of J'adore EDP that I got in 2006, though, and whenever I compare it with what is currently available in the market, I really wish they had not reformulated it. But well, the current version is quite nice too. And oh, I really like L'Oreal Mascaras, though I haven't tried the one you mentioned. Anyway, thanks for such an interesting and informative blogpost, very much enjoyed reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

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