All organic skin care with Du’vi skin care products – Review

Alrighty, long time no see, No?  Being really honest, I had started the year with the goal of blogging more frequently; well what happens to my resolutions, you can see very well. After too much of lazing around, I finally came up with this review because it was much needed. If you know me well and follow me on social media (which you should btw!), you would know I rarely advice any skin care product and always advocate the benefits of organic stuff straight from our kitchen cabinet or our gardens. But today I have these two amazing products at hand that I am reviewing , if you are lazy bums (like me ) and still want organic skin care (like me ,again !) keep on reading !

About Du’vi Stockholm:




ockholm is passionate about skin science. We follow a holistic and broad approach to solve skin care concerns. Our team thoroughly analyses all aspects of skin care and the external factors that can affect your skin. By doing that, we carefully choose our ingredients from different parts of the world to extract impurities from your skin.

Du’vi Stockholm Green Tea Face wash

People usually ask me about the face wash that I use and I reply NONE, yes you heard it right, there is no face wash in my skin care routine. Reason you ask me? Well, I have super cranky skin I tell you .its oily in the summers and dry in patches winters .if I try to wash off the oil in summers it dries up in one wash and gets rashes and if I try to moisturize in winters, it starts breaking up. Yup that kind of cranky. That is the reason, out of many things I buy, rarely anything is used more than once.

Duvi Green tea Face wash comes in 150 ml Squeezable bottle that secures nicely. The Shelf life as written on the bottle is 12 Months which I guess is quite long (thanks to our summers where we wash our oil slick faces 3 times a day!). The product I self is a light green gel that has an amazing aroma of fresh green tea. If you are a green tea lover (Like me) you can understand what I am relating to. The fragrance is not string at all, and really doesn

t bother me at all.  The gel works up into a gentle lather and you don

t need avid rubbing to build it up. Since its soap free, so you may know the lather would be lesser in amount. 

Du’vi Stockholm Vitamin Toner


vi Vitamin toner is the first toner I have used in my life, so there is no comparison for me as what others do. I have been using organic rose water till now and was much satisfied by the results. Using Duvi Vitamin toner was the best decision I have ever made for my skin, trust me!

The Du

vi Vitamin toner comes in a generous 150ml spray bottle that is made of sturdy plastic. The pump dispenses a generous amount in one go, so I hardly need 2 pumps sometimes. Hence it

s going to last for a very long time! The label says it has Organic apple extract from French Provence. French or No French but it smells divine! Who doesn

t like apples?? It feels like you actually have apple on your face, no lies! And don

t worries you won

t smell like an apple all day long because the fragrance goes away in a little time.

<img src=" don

t know If all toners do the same job or what, but this one is amazing!! 

I would give these products a


.These are amazing products that totally organic and also give results!

Price and availability: 

Duvi Stockholm

Green tea face wash retails for Pkr 1150 and Vitamin Toner for Pkr 1300/-. These can be ordered online through Duvi Stockholm Pakistan


.It is also available instore at Essajee

s Lahore.

Have you tried any such brand that is organic and gives amazing results? Do let me know in the comments below

Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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22 thoughts on “All organic skin care with Du’vi skin care products – Review

  1. Glad to see ur post after a long long time :)Ill surely check this brand on my next visit to market.

  2. Glad to see ur post after a long long time :)Ill surely check this brand on my next visit to market.

  3. Great review dear ..though the brand is new for me bt will def try their face wash .. dont you think they are bit expensive?

  4. Great review. I am more intrigued by the toner. I am sucker for natural toner. I have like four different toners at the moment 😉

  5. I am the same with face washes and in fact went on using just medicinal soap that saved my skin until I could switch to something. Apart from a Ponds facewash that was sent to me for review this has been the other one I have used in a long time. The toner sounds yum and I do wish to try it out. 🙂 x Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. It has recently launched in Pakistan and I must say its a great addition to skin care products.

  7. Yayy glad we both have the same mind about this one. I was previously using Garnier but this one is better than that.

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