7 Days of MM Makeup – Day 1 : MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks Review

Kicking of the week with first ever post of 7 days of MM Makeup series ! YAYYY I am soooo excited to do this. Last week when I announced this on the social media , the response I got was Ah-Maaa-ziinggg , no seriously I mean it ! I got so many messages and suggestions for the reviews .Some people even suggested doing complete looks using only MM Makeup ,which isn’t possible since I don’t own their eye products as yet but I am sorting the matter out ( basically sorting my life -_-) so soon will be uploading the looks as well.

Lets keep this babbling at limits and get on to the review . I think by now there is absolutely no need of introducing you guys to the brand , because in just one year ( Yes an year has been passed ! ) Masarrat Misbah Makeup has made its mark among many leading brands. I have seen many people recommending and preferring MM Makeup over many High end brands. In case you still don’t know about it ,here is an introductory post to the Makeup line that I am linking ( Read: HERE)

so, coming back to the review .I am starting it off with the Liquid Lipsticks since they are all the rage these days . I personally love liquid lipsticks and have horded quite a few and I have them all . So lets get on to it !

MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks

Get the best of both worlds with this long lasting liquid lip color. It offers a rich, creamy opaque 

sensation and gives you color that last from work to fun.

Who is this for?

For the modern day women who love going matte and know how to carry it

My Experience:

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick 

I own Phenomenal Red and Fuchsia Rouge but worry not , I have used all four of them 😀 (Bloggers Perks ). The MM liquid lipsticks are super pigmented that it only needs a thin layer to cover your lips nicely. I havn’t noticed any sort of fragrance in the liquid lipsticks as yet. I like the consistency of the product as its not very runny or very thick like many liquid lipsticks . Its just the right amount of Liquid that spreads evenly and doesn’t apply patchy . once completely dry, these stay on for a good 7-8 hours ( without eating and drinking ) and longevity varied according to type of food are you taking ( oilier the food, less the staying time ). One thing that puts me off these is the super dry feel they give one the lips when they set .

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick – Fuchsia Rouge 

 These liquid lipstick dry to a super matte finish . If you guys have been using color pop liquid lipsticks first batch, you know what I mean . Being this dry affects the staying power of these gorgeous colors as they tend to crumble from the center with time and also set in the fine lines of the lips . also being so dry , they accentuate the dry lips . Here I would say , Phenomenal red is a lot more creamier than Fuchsia Rouge which on the other hand is very dry . So I guess the formula varies a little from color to color . I have used magento and it feels super comfortable on the lips .

Overall, I think these are pretty much amazing for the price ta they come in .Being a local brand the quality , quantity and the feel of the product is luxurious. The need of a small amount of product would make them last for a very long time .

Application Tips:

  • Always scrub your lips and moisturize your lips before application of any liquid lipstick 
  • Apply a very thin layer of the product on the lips , layering up causes more creasing .
  • Use a lipstick brush to line the lips first and then apply with the applicator ,this will give a fine finish
  • Never smack the lips while the lipstick is drying, you will get patchy finish.

Swatches : 

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick – Fuchsia Rouge

I would give these liquid lipsticks a 


. Just a little bit of tweaking the 

formula and these could be some bad ass liquid lipsticks ! 

Price and Availability:

MM Makeup Liquid lipsticks are priced at

Pkr 1100/

– and available nationwide at Depilex Branches . Also available at MM Makeup counters set up at all major super stores . To order online you can visit Masarrat Misbah Makeup


or you can order from any major online portal such as


And Its a wrap for our Day 1. Have you tried the Masarrat makeup Liquid lipsticks yet?If so which is your favorite ? Do leave comments below about any thing you feel like asking or even just sharing how you like the concept of 7 days of MM Makeup  .

Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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10 thoughts on “7 Days of MM Makeup – Day 1 : MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks Review

  1. I agree its a bit drying, but still I love my Red Phenomenal to the Moon and never back lolz Both shades suites you so well, nice review and swatches as ever 🙂 :*

  2. My lips are already very dry so I guess they won't suit me. But the shades are gorgeous specially phenomenal red. And beautiful lip swatches.

  3. Both the shades are absolutely gorgeous but yes they do look more drying. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. The colors are pretty but I'm honestly done with these super dry liquid lipsticks, I hope the work on the formula and re-launch them.www.gulezehrasblog.blogspot.com

  5. I tried their phenominal red and I just love the color but the thing is that they are dry and after a hour they flakes away from the centre of your lips which is not good.

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