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Looking back I realized I just post about makeup,  be it favorites lost or a review. Taking a break from that monotonous routine, I decided to do this post for a new jewelry store in town named SHEER CLASS. No matter how good the makeul is, a little bling bling is a must!

Keel om reading to know more about my experience


Sheer Class, aims to be a one stop shop, in terms of Fashion accessories for women. Another, very significant variable, we h

ope to focus on is providing clients their money’s worth! We are launching with Elegant yet Sturdy Jewelry, and Plan to diversify into Hair & other Beauty Accessories in the coming future.

Sheer Class aims at being a Client Oriented Company, and would therefore encourage its prospective clientele to provide honest feedback, and Ideas as to what they would want us to make available to them.

MY Experience :

Apart from makeup, I am a sucker for good jewelry pieces which need not to be heavy or super bling but need to be chic and classy.  When the ever gorgeous Saadiyah of

Sheer Class Jewelry

approached me for a collaboration and offered me to pick the jewels of my own choice from the entire stock, I was super excited. To be honest this excitement was soon replaced by the dilemma that i liked every single piece available!

To cut the chase short, I made up my mind and the package reached in a day! Each and every piece was wrapped separately and then again  in a bubble wrap to avoid any mishap. The services get full points from my side! 

Now coming to the jewelry it self,  I was sent the following pieces :

1. 14k Gold Plated Ring with Faux Pearl and Cubic Zirconia:

3. 18k Gold Plated American Diamond Solitaire Pendent Set:

All of these are Gold plated and studded with zirconia and fine quality Rhinestones. These may seem good in the pictures but trust me these are breath taking-ly beautiful in real.  The finish of all of them is very fine that they don’t even look like imitation jewelry, rather mistaken for real gold!  I have been wearing the ring and the pearl studs a lot lately, and let me confess I am using them pretty much roughly. Still they are shining like they have never been used (I don’t advice you to do the same.  I had. To put them through rough tests before review) .  All in all, these jewels are no less in quality and finish and I am very happy to have them in my collection.

Care tips:

To ensure that the Jewelry Maintains its Original Shine & Color for up to 200 days:

1. Keep in Poly Bags when Not in Use.

2. Avoid Contact with Perfume, Detergents/ Soaps, Sweat, Water and other Chemicals.

Price and availability :

These and many more jewelry pieces are available at

Sheer Class Jewelry.

  You can order them through Facebook (


)  or Instagram (



My Ratings :

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13 thoughts on “Jewels of Sheer Class!! – Review

  1. Hi Sherry, love ur review. N I'm glad things have worked out. I'm wearing the same ring as u. We do have a similar taste for sure. Love u loads n stay blessed 💕💕

  2. Hi Sherry, love ur review. N I'm glad things have worked out. I'm wearing the same ring as u. We do have a similar taste for sure. Love u loads n stay blessed 💕💕

  3. Great review Sherry! I too wear the same ring as u chose. Have been wearing it since I got it. We do share common taste there😊 Stay happy n Blessed💕💕

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