A Pampering Relaunch of Toni & Guy Gulberg, Lahore – An Event Report

I have been socializing a bit too much lately. Well for  a person who does not go out more than twice a month, a weekly session turns out to be a bit TOO MUCH . If you follow me on




( which you guys should), you would know about the recent check in I have been putting up.  Well last week I had an opportunity to attend the relaunch of Toni& Guy North Pakistan, Gulberg Branch Lahore. Being in Pakistan now for 7 years, they have set up a high bar of standard of services being provided.  Recently, a Relaunch was planned and to be honest it was an affair to remember. Lets jump to the details and yes, my personal experience too.

Toni & Guy North Pakistan, Gulberg, Lahore:

In 2009,  the first ever branch of Toni &  Guy was opened at M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg Lahore as a franchise of renowned Toni & Guy, a name that is a brand in itself. Providing their clients with the utmost standard of care and quality services like never before. For 7 years of proving excellence in the beauty industry, the clientele had increased many fold and the demand was never coming down. Another branch was opened in DHA Z block, Lahore to cater the needs of the ever increasing clients and it received a warm welcome again.

The Expansion:

Even before the completion of 7 years, a dire need of expansion was felt and hence was planned keeping in view the high standards that were already set by Toni & Guy North Pakistan.  An extensive and well thought plan was laid out for the expansion of the salon, keeping in mind the demands of modern day clients of satisfaction and comfort, yet something that was a class apart and chic that reflected the Brand itself. An expansion was started in parts so that the salon stayed operational through out the process, not compromising on the part of their loyal customers. The loyalty and love of the clients was visible on many occasions where they gave color suggestions or ideas regarding the ambiance and decor, also the way they tolerated throughout the times of irritable smell of drying paint or noise of the drilling going around. The support that came forward from the clients was both heart warming and a driving force behind the much anticipated expansion.

The Relaunch :

On 22nd Nov,2015 Toni&Guy North Pakistan celebrated its 7 years celebrations and relaunched its M.M. Alam Salon where it all had started. The event started at 12:00 pm and lasted till 7 pm. The event was named SPA DAY as the main idea was to give the guests a luxury, relaxing experience at their favorite salon where they come for premium quality services on regular days. The guests included celebrities including Nouman Javaid, Asma Mumtaz, Kuki, Hamza Tarrar, Shoaib Akhter and many others, the list extended to top clients from the loyalty club. We could see the business faces including Shammal Qureshi, Nilofur Tiwana, and Juju Haider mingle with clients and indulge in chit chat with everyone enjoying the food by The Lahore Social. The event took an interesting turn when walk in clients were given a surprise by telling that they do not have to pay for their services as a present from Toni&Guy. The event was a one of its kind in liveliness as we saw parents coming with their kids to give their little ones beautiful hairstyling and pamper them while ladies and men relaxed in the facials and manipedi featuring Guinot products and hair treatments and updos using label.m products. Makeups and blowdries were also complimentary for anybody who wanted the services. The celebrities and clients recorded their testimonials in the contemporary photo studio sporting with props at times. Overall, the event was a beautiful, and a happening Sunday experienced by everyone.

Redah Misbah & Juju Haider with guests (Picture Courtesy : Hassan Abbas)

le me during the Hair Treatment. 😀

<img src="https://www.fromtheothersideofmirror.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/a8343-img-1.jpg & Guinot. And there you go, 2 hours gone just in the blink of eye and batting of your eyelash and results were those soft and  shinny locks and supple hands.  

Overall I was totally impressed (no lies). My perception of salons being all crowded and crammed  was gone and super bright, well lit, comfortable idea has soaked in.

I don’t know how it looked before expansion, but now its grand and beautiful and classy and comfortable and relaxing and and and….  For all these ands, you better go and check out yourself!

Last but not the least, Thank you Toni & Guy North for having me at the relaunch ! It was an amazing experience with you guys . Also Mr.Hassan Abbas for the invitation and arranging such an amazing event. 

Follow Toni & Guy North Pakistan on their social media for all up coming details and offers ( Which are awesome by the way) 




Stay blessed 

Sherry K


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  1. Their services are commendable. I avoided salons to for the same reasons as yours but recently got a pedicure at TONI & GUY and the experience was relaxing. Great post Sherry!

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