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Ramazan Mubarik to all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe ! Busy much aren’t we all? Well I have been busy ,doing stuff mainly keeping myself from getting dehydrated and planning a good diet so that my weight doesn’t go on a loose 😛 (perks of one trying to loose weight all year long  :D). I have been away from the blog for few days not being able to adjust in new routine. But now its all sorted out so lets start blogging ( & you guys reading)

Its Photographer’s  review time !! Well woman entrepreneurship has been going up these days MashAllah. Women being independent and working in every field of life has brought a drastic change in the total outlook of every field . Photography being considered a male profession once is now also being taken by women (young girls mostly ) and they are in no way behind men , in fact some are so good you’ll forget all others !

Today I have Sanaa Khan Photography as the review post. As usual pictures first , details later !



About Sanaa Khan Photography:


e’re based in Islamabad but provide services all across Pakistan. We’ll be expanding internationally as well by 2015 in’sha ALLAH.

Our main strength is wedding photography but we cover events such as, corporate parties, birthday functions, award ceremonies, inauguration, exhibitions.

The charges vary from: 15,000 to 100,000″

Being on facebook almost 24/7 has its own perks. I have found so many talented photographers in Pakistan who are doing amazing jobs. Sanaa Khan Photography is new name in the field yet very very talented. Each of the shot is very well balanced and colors are so

vibrant that one enjoys the watching pictures (of strangers :P) and that’s the point the pictures are MESMERIZING ! . Moreover the price range is super amazing ,a total thumbs up. Another plus is coverage all over PAKISTAN ….good news for everyone (especially me :D) .You or anyone you know is getting married/having a birthdays party/ Corporate Event/ College event ,should definitely check out her work .

To Contact Sanaa Khan Photography( For Booking &Packages):



Sanaa Khan Photography

**Disclaimer: None of the pictures in this post belong to me .All pictures and information has been used with the permission of Sanaa Khan Photography. This post in not sponsored by any group/person/company. All opinions presented in this post are truly my own.

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