Makeup Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Palette – Review & Swatches

My love for affordable drugstore makeup is undying. I love to explore new options in drugstore that would do good if not better than the high end products because lets get this straight, I for one can’t go on spending 20$ on a lipstick that I would use seldom. Another reason being higher the price, the careful we are to use it(desi problems). Anyway, when the sweetest YouTuber Soph Does Nails came together with MakeupRevolution for her 2nd palette, I knew I had to have it because the color selection was so so pretty! So today is all about MakeupRevolution x SophX Extra Spice Palette. 

Makeup Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Palette :  

YouTuber Soph Does Nails has whipped up, prepared and designed another revolutionary eyeshadow palette, featuring 18 handpicked extra spicy shades. A vivacious variety of shimmer and matte shades suitable for everyone. Wrapped in shiny rose gold and matte nude packaging

SophDoesNails said: “I picked all the shades and named them myself. They’re all personal and relevant to me…food is a running theme in this range. I am so excited! This palette is a little more daring and bold than my last eyeshadow palette. However, you can still use it everyday. I wanted this palette to be the ‘extra spice’ in people’s makeup collection.”

My Experience : 

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice PalleteRevolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete

The SophX Extra Spice Palette comes in rose gold reflective packaging and the inner is matte skin color which looks beautiful and makes the whole color pallete pop instantly. However, being such a light color, the palette gets messy instantly but there is nothing a makeup removing wipe can’t clean! There are a total of 18 shades in the pallette , ranging from mattes to shimmers to metallic duo chromes that make it such a versatile palette. One of the best things about this palette is all the shades are mentioned on  the palette and not on the flimsy plastic sheet that we all loose at some point. 

The theme of the palette is more towards the Brights and colorful shades that normally we don’t find in palettes. It has a nice variety of neutrals like a matte brown that goes perfectly in your crease, a basic matte black, a champagne shimmer shade to be used to highlight the brow bone. The color selection is something that drew my attention to this palette as its pretty unusual. The bright yellow (Vitamin C) is gorgeous fashion colour, the duo chrome Camouflage Green (Aurora) makes a perfect shade to give dimension to your eye look. My favorite has to be Romance – a metallic maroon with a shift that looks gorgeous on the eyes, especially when patted in the middle of the lid. 


Coming to the formula of the palette, its something that I still have a love hate relation with . The colors are nicely pressed hence when you swatch them you won’t pick up much of the color and you need to layer them up to show to their full intensity. The mattes apply patchy and need quite work to be blended into the skin. The metallics especially Infinity – a pure silver in top row, is crumbly and need to be carefully packed over the eye. 

However, this is a good thing in a way that since the colors are very bold and bright, one can easily go over board with them and end up looking like a joke by the end of it. By building up, one can control the amount of color to show. 

All in all, if you are looking for unusual colours all packed in one palette, this is the one for you. However of you are looking for flawless formulations then you might want to pass this as the formula varies from shade to shade.  

Swatches : 

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete - Row 1Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete - Row 1

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete – Row 1

Everyday – very pale purple with a white shift, duo-chrome finish

Running Late – carrot orange, matte finish

Infinity – silver, metallic finish

Cheesecake – chestnut brown, matte finish

Cookie Dough – soft brown, matte finish

Dreams – warm champagne, shimmer finish

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete-Row 2Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete-Row 2

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete-Row 2

Vitamin C – canary yellow, matte finish

Sweet N Sour – electric orange, matte finish

Twenty One – cerise pink, matte finish

Romance – burgundy with a pink shift, shimmer finish

Enchanted – wine purple, matte finish

Lakes – dark olive green, matte finish

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete- Row 3Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete- Row 3

Revolution x SophX Extra Spice Pallete- Row 3

Brownies – deep brown, matte finish
Chocolate Orange – sienna brown, matte finish
Mulled Wine – red violet, matte finish
LA Sun – gold, shimmer finish
Aurora – khaki green, shimmer finish
Reputation – charcoal black, matte finish

Price & Availability :

The MakeupRevolution SophX Extra Spice Pallette retails for PKR 2650/- at, and It retails for £10 at Ulta and MakeupRevolution official Website



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  1. What a fine write up. Love the way you described each & every shade. Palette is gorgeous especially infinity, romance & vitamin C are my absolute favourite shades. Keep growing love. 💕

  2. I also love to explore different brands. This palette looks so attractive. Shades are also beautiful. Specially warm shades are so pretty. Very well written.

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