Physiogel Daily defence Protective Day Cream – Review

I have been alot into good skin care lately because summer is actually taking a toll on my skin and this humidity mixed with pollution is making it difficult to maintain good skin. Along with many other things, I have been experimenting with various moisturizers that don’t break me out. One of them is by Physiogel with added spf that is quite promising. Did it live upto the claims? Let’s find out! 

Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Light SPF15

Defends skin from dehydration & environmental aggressors

Makes skin less sensitive

Restores skin’s brightness and radiance


Free from preservatives, perfumes and colourants

My Experience : 


The Physiogel Daily Defences and e Protective Day Cream comes in a 40 ml white pump bottle that makes it to dispense the product without contaminating it by dipping fingers repeatedly. The pump dispenses a controlled amount of the product which means less or no product wastage. The cap secures nicely and it is definitely a travel friendly bottle due to its sturdy material and well secure cap. 

The product itself is a white cream with a medium consistency and a whipper texture that feels very smooth to touch. The product is well blended and you won’t find any lumps that usually creams with spf have. There is a mild scent to the product that instantly goes away after taking it out of the bottle.  

One pump dispenses about a pea size amount and for a broad face like mine 2 pumps are enough for me. The cream glides on smoothly and is instantly absorbed into the skin leaving it supple and fresh looking for the day. However, there is a little tackiness to the skin after applying it and yo can actually feel it when you’re touch your face. Since it has am added spf 15, it leaves a little white cast on the skin too which I believe is pretty normal with anything with SPF as this makes a physical barrier between the skin and the UV rays. 


Now the Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream works great as a day time moisturizer that balances your skin’s natural oils and also repairs your skin to makes it less sensitive. I have quite a sensitive skin that instantly breaks out at the sight of cream moisturizers. For the longest time, I couldn’t use any sort of cream or lotion just because of the sensitivity. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes with this one as well because I was so over these sort of high claims but man does it work or what! I haven’t had any kind of break out after I started using this and its a staple for me every morning now. However, the spf 15 is a bit too low given the harsh conditions we have here especially while going out, so I first put on this cream after washin my face and let it sink in for a couple of minutes. Afterits completely absorbed, I go in my regular sunscreen with SPF 50+. This makes it kind of double protection for me. But for the days I am staying indoors, this alone is enough for me. 

All in all, I would say its a good product especially for people with sensitive skin who want a good day time moisturiser with added sunscreen benefits. However the price is quite steep for the quantity but as compared to other skin care products available in the market, I would say this is definitely a safe bet that is even recommended by the dermatologists! 




Price & Availability : 

The Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream is available for PKR 1,720/-  and is available nationwide at all major pharmacies and super markets. Online you can find it on HERE





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    1. hello Yasmin! hete are a gew good ones that i would suggest, sunblock 60, bioderma sunscreen spf50+, spectraban you can check these out

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