Skin Care Routine -Winter Edition

I have been meaning to do a different kind of post that wasn’t a review , event or anything fashion related . So, finally I have decided to do the much requested skin care routine , which by the way isn’t according to the book or whatever ,its just something that works for me and I am putting it forward for you guys . To be really really honest with you guys , I am not much of a ritual person , I tend to take care ,yes but if you think that my skin is flawless or something like that , then NO! I have open pores , I have dry patches , I have pigmentation around my lips and yes I get pimples ,black heads and everything else too . The point I am trying to make here is that one should know their skin and embrace it with full heart and take care of it to reduce the problems. When you know your skin , you can better choose your makeup and that makes you look impeccable in the pictures and in real life too.

Okay so enough of the preaching , and lets get to what we gotta do . I have divided it into day time and night time routine and its really really simple and anyone who has a spare of 5 minutes for them self , can do it (and you owe yourself that time ,remember that!)

During summers, I have pretty much oily skin so the summer routine is mostly just splashing cold water and using mud masks. Since I get major issues in Winter, I would be focusing on that in this post . So, lets go ,get to know my skin type , my problems and what I do to handle my skin’s tantrums :

My Skin Type & Issues :

I have an oily combination skin which gets dry patches in the winter (or even in summer ) when I use any daily face wash or soap . Moreover , My skin goes a bit over board when it comes to sensitivity issues so as soon as I put a moisturizer,there is a  pimple there within a few hours , yes NO EXAGGERATION ! That’s what makes the problem ,a real problem . I get dry patches but can’t moisturize them with any moisturizer until I found some that have suited me so well that I cling for my life to them ! 

Skin Care Routine:

1. Morning :

My Mornings are technically not mornings ,more like afternoons . Well ,what time I wake up ,I would be calling it morning. Here is what I do :

  • Cleansing : Most of the time I just splash cold water over my face and neck and dab it dry with face towel . I recommend keeping a separate face towel for yourself and use it for this purpose solely. Just in case , I went a little overboard with my facial oil the previous night or I just feel my skin needs a breather , I useDu,vi Green tea Face Wash (Review HERE). A little goes long way , I just lather it up a little with gentle circular motion and rinse off immediately . It does dry my skin a little , but since I would be moisturizing it afterwards , it doesn’t bother me much
  • Scrub: Once or twice a week I exfoliate my skin .That is usually during the shower because I feel like skin is already damp and can be exfoliated easily without any extra effort . For this previously I was using St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitivebut now I have switched to The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub and I am in love with it . I just smear it all over y face and let it sit for a while . It tingles and cools my skin and then I gently scrub off in circular motions. I will be reviewing it shortly, but till then I would definitely be recommending it to everyone with problematic skin as the tea tree ingredient soothes the skin and controls break outs.
  • Spa In A Bottle. Recently I have talked about it on my Instagram and have been loving it so far. It hasn’t broken me out (yet) and I have been on it for 3 weeks now. The other moisturizer which hasn’t broken me out till date is Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturizer. I just keep on switching between the too and the results are good.

  • Sun Screen: This is an added step to the days when I am heading out during day and I know there is going to be a lot of sun exposure. For that I put on L’Oreal Sunscreen . It is none greasy , stays on put and gives a minimal white cast. Since I don’t use it much often , for the occasional use it works decently for me 

2. Night :

  • Cleansing : Night time cleansing is something I stress a lot on . Its something makes or breaks the skin . Trust me I have tried it . If you have makeup on ,its a must you properly take it off before you hit the bed. I use Garnier Cleansing Miceller Water (Review HERE). I just soak up a cotton pad and gently swipe my face and neck and it takes out all the dirt of the day from my face leaving it squeaky clean . Since its aqua based , you don’t need to wash off your face after that . It takes off makeup easily as well. I tend to wipe with 2 different pads just to be sure all the dirt and impurities are out .
  • Face Mask : My night time regimen includes at least one face mask every night (at least I try to do it ). I alternate between Tony Moly Sheet Masks , The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Moisturizing Mask and my personal favorite Home made Oats and Honey Mask . Each mask is very different and gives nourishment to your skin, so the alternation of them keeps the supply of all sorts of nutrients intact  

<img src=" recently I have incorporated Youthful Glow Face Serum by Spa In A Bottle as a night time moisturizer and I am pretty much satisfied with the results. The Rosehip and Lemon oil in the serum have definitely made my skin look plump in the morning

Yes there is no use of toner or some fancy battery operated cleanser in my routine and I am really satisfied about it . It might not have the conventional steps and neither all those products , but this is what has worked for me and my skin type. All these products are currently in my use or have been used by me and have suited me well ,hence the recommendation. 

If you have used any of the above products , do let me know how you find it . Also if you have any recommendation keeping in view my skin type , go ahead shoot it in the comments box below ,its more than welcomed !!

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10 thoughts on “Skin Care Routine -Winter Edition

  1. That was a very nice detailed post about your skin care regimen. My skin is very dry, little bit oily at nose in summer but I can't live without moisturizers. These are my life savers. I am waiting for your detailed review on youthful glow face serum.

  2. This serum is so so good.. if you are having dry skin..i also hav dry skin n sometime dry patches .. since i am using this skin feeling youthfull n hydrated in morning. Plus i am using moisturizer with this serum (aftr applyingserum)for my extra dryness.Hope it would help u @shumail

  3. This serum is so so good.. if you are having dry skin..i also hav dry skin n sometime dry patches .. since i am using this skin feeling youthfull n hydrated in morning. Plus i am using moisturizer with this serum (aftr applyingserum)for my extra dryness.Hope it would help u @shumail

  4. Really love ypir skincRe routine. Just by the way how are the products of spa in a bottle? I mean do they do what they claim or any side efeect? Moreoever how are the body shop masks ?

  5. Hey shumail! Thank you for the kind words. I have been using the serums for a while now and the verdict is coming soon

  6. I really really like the spa in a bottle serums Adeena. The complete review will be up soon in a week or two. The body shop mask is a recent addition and so far its good. Would give final Verdict after a month

  7. I am also using for 24k gold serum for some time and it really is very good. I agree with you about cleansing at night, it is one of the most important thing for clear skin.

  8. I really enjoyed reading about your skincare routine. It has a just amount of products and I'm glad it works for you. Less products that work are better, than a load of them. Great post! Chaste & Beautiful

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