7 Days of MM Makeup – Day 5 : MM Makeup Stay on Blushers (Review & Swatch)

Its Day 5 of the MM Makeup series and blog post is up ! As much as I wanted to make it a week thing , something came up and I had to stop the series in the middle ,a total bummer to the mood I tell you . Well stuff like that happens , may be even mother nature didn’t want me to post too regularly. Lol I know bad joke but still , I was too pumped up to make it my first ever regular week of posting .

To be honest I just can’t wait for this series to end , no seriously this is some serious stuff to do man . Everyday you open up your laptop and do serious reviewing ,no facebook, twitter or lame websites to see . Its actually saving me money ,because I keep looking at websites and order random stuff .

Well along with last post , I got done with all the lip products from the MM Makeup line ( will link them in the end in case you guys missed). So now we come to the face products and what is better than a good blusher ? Yup , I am a blush and highlight hoarder (self confessed).

The MM Makeup line has two kinds of blushers one is the stay on powder blush and another is ethereal glow baked marble blush. Today we have in spotlight the Stay on Powder blush .keep up with me to know more about it .

MM Makeup Stay On Blusher:

You need a blush that lasts hours, not minutes, right? Our Stay on Blusher formula provides long lasting and fade-resistant color that glides on smoothly and blends easily.

Who is this for?

For the women who love fresh pops of color for the cheeks.

My Experience:

<img src="https://www.fromtheothersideofmirror.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/c667a-img.jpg ) of product which is going to last a very long time even if you use it regularly because it is really pigmented .

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher – Shell Bronze

Coming to the product itself, the blush is in pressed powder form that is finely milled . It comes in five variants which are a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I have the lightest among the five which is Shell Bronze. It is a beautiful light peach color with warm undertones . In the pan you can see quite a lot of shimmer which might look scary at first but when swatched it comes off as a beautiful sheen . The blush itself is super pigmented that you only need one dip to get enough product for both cheeks.There is a little fallout in the pan but Its pretty much bearable . I like how smooth and velvety the texture is . Even though it has a considerable amount of shimmer in it , it doesn’t come as rough or feel harsh to the skin .

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher – Shell Bronze

I have tried it on both bare skin and full prepped and primed skin . On bare skin , it stay for almost 4-5 hours straight in this super hot weather which means loads of sweating and obviously wiping . On fully preped and primed skin with makeup setting spray at the end , this baby stayed where it was put till I took it off myself  and it was like after ummmmm 8

9 hours ? well yes the name says its a STAY ON blush and I totally vouch for it !

Even though I am not a shimmer blush person and prefer my blush to be matte , this one has been my most reached blush lately. One of the reasons being the beautiful sheen it gives to my cheeks which doubles up as a highlighter so I , being the lazy bum I am , can easily skip the highlighter and just swipe this on my cheeks and I am ready to go .

I strongly recommend that  you guys check this blush line out. If you guys don’t have a thing for shimmer bushers , they have a few matte options as well . I am sure you are going to get hooked to these !

Swatch :

As biased as I may sound but I am giving MM Makeup Stay on Blusher a


Its a highly recommended product from my side. I will be purchasing other colors in the range pretty soon now.

Price and Availability:

The MM Makeup Stay on Blushers are priced for

PKR 850/-

 and is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup


or any major online shopping portal such as








Stay Blessed

Sherry k.


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11 thoughts on “7 Days of MM Makeup – Day 5 : MM Makeup Stay on Blushers (Review & Swatch)

  1. What a lovely series! Been thinking of doing something like this on our blog too! Love this blush and as I am a blush maniac I cant wait to try this one.

  2. These blushes look very nice and shade is also very pretty. I also feel that MM really need to work on their packaging. They are not very appealing to the eyes 🙂

  3. I don't like shimmer in blushers but the shade is really gorgeous and love the finish. Great review 🙂

  4. The color is so great. And if used with a light hand, it can be used as a blush topper to add a beautiful glow to your blush 🙂

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