Get set Go or Let it go W7 Eyeshadow Base? – Review

There are times when you just pick up stuff of the counter without any reason, you neither need it nor want it but you still get it, just like that. I do shopping like that at times, not much but sometimes. Mostly the products are good enough to be kept but there are misses too.  Today I bring you a detailed review and comparison of W7 eye shadow base. Was this impulse buy a hit or a miss? Keep on reading.

W7 Get Set Eyeshdow Base :

Apply this eyeshadow primer to give a more intense and lasting result. Apply a small amount of primer on your eyelid before applying eye shadow, this preventing your eye shadow smudging along with allowing for a more vibrant and intense color throughout the day.

My Experience:

, I had a chance to look at the things personally and pick up stuff myself.  With some purchases, I got this baby on a whim, as it looked so much like NYX eye shadow  base which, by the way by , has pretty good reviews.

Looking at the packaging, it comes in a plastic, screw top jar which secures nicely. The product color and description is printed at the sides of the jar. The quality of the plastic is pretty sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap at all which makes its less prone to damage. 

W7 Eyeshadow Base -White

The W7 eye shadow base comes in 3 shades, white, pearl white  and Natural.  I opted for white because I wanted a replacement for my much beloved NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.

Now to the product it self. The eye shadow base is supposed to neutralize the color of the lids and make the colors show in their full vibrancy, make them stay put for longer duration and doesn’t budge. The formula of this eye shadow base is not something i am a fan of.  It is a bit too greasy for my liking. When I swatched it on the shop, the formula looked pretty decent in terms of consistency.  May be it was a tester and got open too often so it was a bit dry.  My new one is a tad too greasy. The consistency is  soft and creamy and applies smoothly without tugging the lids. It blends well and kind of sheers out if blended too much which needs layering, which means it well get more greasy and heavy. I gave it pretty decent time to settle and dry but it was of no use, sadly. After eye shadow application, you will see since its kind of oily, the amount of shadow being put will be a lot more as compared to other eye shadow bases (comparison will be done below) and doesn’t blend well either. So All in all, I am pretty much disappointed with W7 eye shadow base. 

Swatch :

I have compared the W7 eye shadow base with my much beloved NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and a local find Becute Eye pencil in BC-02 that were my previous most used eye shadow bases.  Here is a comparison of all three of them followed by swatches.

Comparison swatches ( Indoor Light with Flash)

I would give it a


.  Totally not recommended.  Its one of the total product fails of mine as I had high hopes for this one

Price & Availability :

The W7 Get set Eyeshadow base is available at

for PKR : 645/-  in 3 shades. You can also buy this from their outlet if you are in Lahore. 

For international readers , W7 cosmetics are available at their website 



I hope you this might be of help to you guys regarding the choice to make for an eyeshadow base.If you have any other query , Please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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  1. Great Post! I love honest reviews. I saw another very honest comment of yours on a very hyped product, which was so much in keeping with my opinion. Maintain the honesty love. This country needs it 👍

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