Dear you don’t just look EXPENSIVE, you actually WORK – Real Techniques Brushe’s Copy- Review

Darling , it doesn’t matter if you are expensive and don’t work for me ,you just have to work your best and if you just LOOK expensive ,then trust me I LOVE YOU ! Now these are some golden words comming from a person like me who doesn’t really give a piece of mind until or unless its necessary, and today, trust me its HUGE ! All those who love makeup are well aware of the name REAL TECHNIQUES for their amazing and unique brushes that are said to be top notch in the war of brushes. Since I consider my self a newbie in makeup land (read: amazing world of colors), I tend to get stuff that doesn’t put a hole in my pocket.So my trip to market , I picked up these brushes majorly because these looked so much similar to Real Techniques Brushes , plus they were super affordable. Here have a look :

Real Techniques COPY Brsuhes

Real Techniques COPY Brsuhes

My Experience:

These Brushes are literally everywhere these days , in the market , on facebook pages, ebay literally EVERYWHERE. I just picked up the angled one initially and then went back for other two. Ever  since I got these I havent reached for any other brush so far . The handle is metal with different colors , you might find the original Real techniques colors (golden/pink) and other colors too like red , blue and green !. It is quite sturdy and the base is really smooth so the brushes can stand on their own . The bristles are super dooper soft , like SOFT soft,no scratchy feeling on your face at all. I don’t have an original RT brush to compare with but still I totally love these for what they are  There is no shedding at all. I have been using these for past couple of months and I haven’t notice a single shed hair. One thing that might turn off a few people is the staining of the white ends of the brush. Even though you wash them off , a tinge of color stays there that might not look nice to some people. They just pick up the right amount of product and transfer them nicely to your skin with no streaking at all.
Now lets have a look at individual brushes.

1. Round Top Blush Brush:

This round top blush brush is ideal for putting up blush if you like it to be precise. For me it works more nicely for putting my highlighter on my cheek bones for I like my highlighter to be properly placed. It just blends my highlighter so well . It can also be used for contouring as the round top gives more precision yet no harsh lines
RT Copy Brush- Round Top Blush Brush

2. Flat Top Stippling Brush:

This flat top brush serves  as an excellent tool to stipple your foundation .It also works amazing for the cream blushers , highlighters and bronzer. Long story short , use it for cream products ! 
RT Copy Brush- Flat Top Stippling Brush

3.Angled Blush /Bronzer Brush:

This was my first from the three and is my makeup staple , The wide angled top is just perfect for applying blusher in a single wiping motion . If you like to have that sun tanned bronzed look then it can be used to apply bronzer all over. From the picture you can easily guess that I use it for my blush.
RT Copy Brush- Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush

Thumbs Up for:

  • Super affordable
  • easily available
  • No smell on first opening
  • Sturdy Colorful handles
  • Soft Bristles
  • No Shedding

Thumbs Down For:

  • No specific company 
  • Doesn’t mention which hair have been used
  • The hair stain after use that doesn’t come off after washing

Price & Availability:

I got these brushes for PKR 245/- Each from a cosmetics counter in a local departmental store. If you want to purchase online , you may find these at these facebook pages in Pakistan :ZUNEL , JAVAAHIR ,WE MAKEUP BLOG . For international costumers you may find these beauties at E-BAY or Ali Express .


I give these wands of amazing features a 5/5 for this price they do the job well ! They not only just look expensive ( you can’t tell them apart from RT brushes by just looking at them , I guess) . 
**A little piece of my life to share : on 22nd Nov , one of my cats, Mr.Whiskers passed away after a very painful time on bed . His departure has shaken me to the core for he was my companion through thick and thin. Just 7 months old, that little fellow brought so much light to our lives that we ,all at home ,are grieving his loss, I thank God for blessing me with him and 3 others ,for they are the reason for keeping me sane with their PURRSSS at the hardest times of life. For this reason , you might find my post dull and dry ’cause I can’t do anything without him like I used to. Hope you guys understand and bear with me for some time . Here is a picture of him sleeping all comfortable a month ago . Allah has put him in a better place now but still my heart aches

May you be in the best of the places my dear little one ,for you were an angel that was sent to me to put my broken pieces back. I loved you , I love you and I will always do :'(

Have you tried these or any other copy brushes yet ? Can you compare these with the original RT brushes if you have any of them ? Would love to know your take on these in the comments below 

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37 thoughts on “Dear you don’t just look EXPENSIVE, you actually WORK – Real Techniques Brushe’s Copy- Review

  1. I have used RT brushes, but I specifically find the flat angled one to be tempting. I hope I spot them in some cosmetic store, just want to "touch" and check them before buying. Great to know they're working out for you :)And Sorry about Mr. Whiskers. I'm a pet-person since my childhood and I understand the loss of your fur companion. I hope you do feel better, deary! <3

  2. Time heals everything Bia ,Thank you for your kind words <3 Do let me know if you find these I really want someone to do a comparison post on these

  3. Oh really for such price i will definitely be searching for them, thanks for letting us know. And sorry for your pet Mr. Whiskers. It does happen, be well soon.GlamupupGirls

  4. i am so sorry you lost your pet.He seemed like such a nice cat.Great review dear.I loved it.I will keep an eye out for them on my next trip to market.

  5. Great review :)I am having RT brushes & using them since the first time i ever used makeup ��. Check out my blog & show some love by following :)

  6. wow they are so affordable <3 .. will surely purchase them. and very sad after knowing about your pet.. I can understand completely bcoz last year my cat "Paanzy" also died ans she was 1 and a half years old. .. 🙁 🙁

  7. These brushes look really promising, but wish I could read a clear comparison of these with the original RT brushes before deciding to purchase these. Really sorry for the loss of your cat Mr Whiskers.

  8. Kiran i found these at a cosmetic counter in a departmental store. These are easily available at local cosmetic shops too

  9. You should definitly give these a try jadirah… Even if they dont work, you wont regret buying them at this price!!

  10. So sorry about your cute cat. Loved the review and they come so cheap, wow. Will be picking these

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