Lets go ECO FRIENDLY with BH cosmetics 10 pc Eco brush set

Everyone wants to look beautiful, feel beautiful and live in a beautiful world too.  For that we need to be careful while making our choices and choosing our life style. There has been a debate since long at the various beauty products being nature friendly. Brushes usually made out of plastic are considered dangerous at times due to non disintegration property of plastic. Being said that, one cannot take away the basic right of ladies of getting makeup! For that I present to you ECO FRIENDLY BRUSHES… Oh yes you heard me right darlin’,  the product under review today is BH COSMETICS 10 Pc ECO BRUSH SET.


This sleek, Eco-friendly 10 piece brush set is made with all natural & recycled materials, allowing you to create stunning looks while protecting the environment! Each brush comes with soft, fluffy synthetic bristles, making it easy achieve a flawless makeup application. The naturally-dyed, lime green bamboo handles add a modern look to your everyday brushes and come with recycled aluminum ferrules. Each set comes in a soft linen case that will protect your brushes when on the go.
Brush Set includes the following: Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Blending Brush, Contour Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Shadow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Lip/Concealer Brush.


BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set -Linen Case
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set
The brushes come in a bag specially made to be eco friendly and is compartmentalized to hold each brush separately. The bag is foldable and then to be tied, that makes it super duper travel friendly . Each brush is again in a plastic covering and larger face brushes have plastic caps to retain the shape of the brushes after washing. This way the brushes dont get mixed up with each other and retain a good level of hygiene. The handles of the brushes are made of bamboo and are lime green yellow kind of color that might not seem very pretty to some but i love that unique color that makes them easy to identify in a hurry. There is no detectable weird sort of smell that people usually complain of having when they open up their new brushes but still i advice you to wash them befire first use (better safe then sorry). While talking about washing, the shed of is literally ZERO,i saw no shedding from the brushes, might be a loose hair but those were one or two at max!! The best thing about this brush set besides being eco friendly is the number of eye brushes included in it that can actually be used on daily basis. 7 out of 10 brushes are meant to be for eye makeup without any additional brushes like a brow brush and a spolly that we rarely use. So this makes this set travel friendly and a good bargain for your money if you are looking for an eye makeup brush set. This was more of an overall look at the brush set. Now lets get to each brush individually
1.  Powder Brush:
This brush is large, super soft and perfect for last dusting of powder. I use it and love it!
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set – Powder Brush

2. Angled blush/contour brush:
Slightly small than powder brush. Good for putting blush in a controlled way. Can be used for contouring as the flat edge and angled border makes it ideal for getting those contoured cheek bones we all love. I don’t use it much, bristles are soft but a bit less soft then powder brush.
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Angled Contour Brush

3. Flat foundation brush:
This has to be the least used brush by me. Not that I don’t like this specific brush, I don’t use the flat foundation brush, rather I am happy with my Real Techniques miracle sponge for all the blending. I would have been much happier if they had included another eye brush rather then this. The brush is moderately soft and firm enough to give you good morning
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Flat Foundation Brush

4.Large eye shadow brush:
I LOVE IT!! And that’s all.  Super amazing, densely packed, soft, doesn’t tug your skin, picks up the eye shadow in a good amount, deposits it fully over the lid and that too smoothly!! No extra effort needed, it just changed the makeup game completely for me. Even those hopeless palates I had earlier have become super easy to use after this baby! For me its the super star of this set.
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Large Eye Shadow Brush

5. Blending brush:

This fluffy blending brush is so good.  Just a swipe to and fro and you have that gorgeously blended eye makeup that we all love! Totally loveable❤
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Blending Brush

6Small eye shadow brush
This is the smaller version of the larger brush. I use it in the inner corner when playing with two or more contrasting colors. Gives a nice control over the color and packs it well. Works equally well as the large brush but at a smaller level (if that makes sense )
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Small Eye Shadow Brush
7. Small angled crease brush:

Simply perfect for illuminating your inner corner!!  Just perfect i must say.  But it comes with 3 pluses too…
A. Use it at lower lash line with a dark shadow and get that smoky vampy look all blended
B.  Use in a cut crease look and get that sharp look by precise blending of the line
C. use it with a contour powder & contour the sides of your nose perfectly

BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Angled crease brush
See its small but has more uses then others. Definitely a must have isnt it?

8. Pencil Smudge brush
This is a pencil smudge brush very very helpful to smudge those sharp lines and placing shadow in the inner corner and giving a precise smoky shadow placement at the lower lash line . I use it mainly to smudge my eyeliner to give a soft effect during day time .
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Pencil Smudge Brush

9. Flat eyeliner/eyebrow brush:
This a flat sturdy brush with sharp edge, no angle. This makes it ideal for applying gel and cake liner. The sharp edge gives a precise line close to lashes. This makes it easy to achieve a fine line that can be built up easily. The sharp edge is also useful to get that perfect flick we all envy it can also be used to fill up eyebrows also.

BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Flat eye liner brush
10. Lip brush:
Including this lip brush in this set has made it a whole package, not leaving any single area uncovered. The lip brush is a bit disappointing though as it isn’t that sturdy to get that perfectly lined lips, as the soft bristles usually tend to spray apart upon pressure.  But it is really good to fill up your lips if you line them with lip pencil first. oh not to forget that ombre craze we have these days, this brush can give you that perfect gradient blend at your lips. So all in all not a total disappointment.
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set- Lip/Concealer Brush

Thumbs up for :

  • Pocket friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Has 10 brushes that are equally useful
  • 6 eye brushes, for those who are looking for an eye makeup brush set
  • Travel friendly packing
  • Brush caps for face brushes
  • Super soft 
  • Negligible shedding
  • No odd odour upon opening
  • Upto the mark performance

Thumbs down for:

  • Non availability in Pakistan, has to be ordered online
  • Color of the brush handles might be abit turn off 
  • Only 3 face brushes included, might not be the set you want if you are looking for more face brushes.

Price and availability :

I got mine from facebook page MAKEUP AND ACCESSORIES for PKR 1500 during sale at BH cosmetics website.Its original price it $30 (During sale it was for $ 11.95) and can be ordered from Bh cosmetics official website. It is also available at Just4girls and Beautyarena in Pakistan


For me this brush set is a total winner, for its price, its performance and the quality it all makes it get a 5/5 from me.


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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42 thoughts on “Lets go ECO FRIENDLY with BH cosmetics 10 pc Eco brush set

  1. this one sounds like such a good buy.Lucky you.i will def keep it in mind now.I really love Makeup n accessories for their reasonable prices.

  2. Love your review on each of the following brush and this one set seems a must have for me 🙂 have to get that one and makeup and acessories charged u amazing prices although they arent replying me when i first asked them to quote me price of bh cosmetics palette which was in sale so that i can order it 🙁 Well keep up with your good review :)http://annmakeupblog.blogspot.com/?m=1

  3. This definitely is a good purchase ana… Too bad you didnt get the reply… But Bhcosmetics is now having another sale… Talk to the owner directly… That makes it easy

  4. I own BH Wild Purple Brush set… Some are great but some have disappointed me to great extent especially the eye ones, and two brushes just never stop shedding.. I made up my mind never to buy BH brushes again… This one sounds better…

  5. I don't have this set in particular, but I do love a 6 peice eye brush that I have from them 🙂 have too many brushes atm otherwise these do seem tempting haha

  6. Hey Sherry! I have the same brush set and loving it so far <3 I love how precise they are since my eyes are not big and they do the job decently enough 🙂

  7. For this price i feel they do their jobs perfectly… Glad to know an amazing blogger like you shares the same feelings for this brush set xx

  8. I've heard great things about BH makeup brushes .Their pink a dot brush set on my wishlist :)Btw those brushes look incredibly soft and lovely review as always! xxx

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