Do you Glow ? Try the new Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Glowy skin…100 watt glow ….dewy glow …glow is all we talk about these days , and why should we not ? Every one loves that healthy glow on their face that makes them look all fresh and stands them out in a crowd. For that no doubt highlighters ,illuminators and brighteners are taking up the market. But what I feel is that none of the fore mentioned things can replace the glow of healthy skin …absolutly nothing my deary nah-ahh… For that we need healthy diet and some real good skin care regime ,preferably ORGANIC . For that I bring you today ORGLOW INSTANT ORGANIC FACE BRIGHTENING  MASK.


Our Organic Face Masks are made with all natural ingredients and have no chemicals added to them, they are 100% chemical free. 

We are currently offering the following Organic Face Maks:

-Orglow is our all natural, all organic face mask, that tightens, brightens and whitens!
-ClearGlow is our organic face mask for Acne Prone, Oily and problematic skin!

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

My Experience:

When it comes to skin care , you can call me more then skeptical. I have a super sensitive skin that breaks out even at the sight of any moisturizer/ face wash/ cleanser that doesn’t suit me so I have to be super careful . When Orglow Organic Face mask came to me , I was very very skeptical of it , but its claim of being ORGANIC made me think for a while , so I googled about it and found some rave reviews for this. Then I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did because it works really well. 
The packaging is pretty basic, an opaque plastic white jar which is sealed. The packaging is not sturdy enough to bear any blows or bad handling so better tell your seller to get it bubble wrapped properly. It is a very finely milled powder that doens’t go rough on your skin . The only thing that bothers me is the smell. It has such a bothering smell that I had to sit outside in the veranda because my mum told me to stay out until I rinse this THING off . I totally agree with my mum , it smells like milk gone bad or something like that. But hey its organic , you can expect that don’t you ??
How to use it :
  • Mix one table spoon of mask with one table spoon of fresh yogurt (add a few drops of rose water if you like) , put on your face and neck for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with water by gently moving your fingers in circular movements.
  • Pat dry and enjoy amazingly smooth skin !!
The Results:

Orglow claims to instantly BRIGHTEN, TIGHTEN & WHITEN your skin . For me it worked totally for Brightening and Whitening but I can’t comment on the tightening part as it didn’t give me that visible difference. Along with this , the circular movements give a nice gentle exfoliation that brightens up your complexion and addition of yougurt just leaves your skin so ,so, sooooooooo supple and hydrated.
Thumbs Up for:

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Used with fresh yogurt gives a natural glow to face
  • True to its claims of instant Brightening and Whitening
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Leaves skin supple and hydrated
  • Long lasting effects

Thumbs Down for:

  • Odour is a total turn off
  • Flimsy Packaging
  • Short shelf life (6 months after opening)
  • Needs to be kept refrigerated
  • Can only be ordered online
  • May cause itchy feeling for sensitive skin

Price & Availability:

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask is available for 850 PKR and is available Online only at SALINA COSMETICS . Your can order them on their WEBSITE here . They deliver all over Pakistan and INTERNATIONALLY as well !!


I would give this a 3.5/5 just because the odour was a bit too much to bear , but I still use it just for the amazing results it  gives . Baby Cat ROSY urges you guys to muster up courage and give ORGLOW a try

Have you already tried ORGLOW instant organic face brightening mask ? What is your favourite face mask up till now ? Do let me know in the comment box below 

Stay Blessed

Sherry K 


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