“One step at a time” Toni & Guy, North Pakistan Opens Doors in Johar Town, Lahore [Event Report]

Finally an event report that I am loving to jot down in the middle of the night ! Yes I work in the middle of the night because its so quiet and the sound of the keyboard gives them feels, lulz just kidding ,because its the only time I can actually write in peace . Plus I prefer writing event reports ASAP because everything is still fresh in your mind and I can take you guys through a virtual tour easily .

It really gives me immense pleasure to see people who work hard and put their heart into their passions , grow and flourish . One such person turns out to be Shammal Qureshi of Toni & Guy North Pakistan ,whose hard work shows in the form of another branch opening within the same city of Lahore .Yes you heard it right , they have opened up one more branch at Johar Town Lahore and that is exactly what I am fussing about today . Lets just hop on to the event report 

Event Report:

On 11th February 2017, a soft launch was held at the Toni & Guy , Johar town Lahore. I really liked how they had started off the decor right from the main entry way , all through the stairs and then to the main lounge, keeping the ambiance all put together right from the beginning . It really gives you a feeling of the event as soon as you step in the venue . I was greeted by the Management in full fervor and was taken immediately for the tour of the salon after a brief introduction with everyone from management to staff. 

Shammal Qureshi of Toni& Guy North Pakistan with Family at the the Johar Town Branch LaunchShammal Qureshi of Toni& Guy North Pakistan with Family at the the Johar Town Branch Launch

Shammal Qureshi of Toni& Guy North Pakistan with Family at the the Johar Town Branch Launch

Now coming to salon itself which is actually what I want to talk about . Being a total non-salon person ,I usually turn down each and every possible thought of going to a salon and get anything done . The reason mainly being a single cramped up hall where everyone is getting their services done without any privacy and relaxation . Since I get bummed easily by lack of both the elements, I end up never going to a salon . 

The above story is in the context of a pleasant surprise that awaited me at the Toni & Guy,Johar town branch. I wasn’t expecting too much by seeing a small cozy waiting area and reception desk , I was like okay, seems like just another salon. But no ! as soon as I stepped into the salon area ,I was taken into room after room after room , each brightly lit and designed according to the purpose, ensuring full privacy according to your services . I am really impressed by how each and every corner was perfectly utilized for a specific purpose.

Then what impressed me the most was a whole storey dedicated to Guinot Skin care services where you can relax and have your services like facials , manicure , pedicure , massages done in total privacy. The separate service area and then separate, well equipped  massage rooms would definitively be relaxing those nerves in no time . What I absolute loved is that this area for the services ,which are meant to be for your relaxation, is kept totally separate from other areas so that it isn’t affected by the hustle and bustle of the people and you can actually get what you are looking for , PEACE that is . Someone give Toni & Guy a medal for this please ! PLEASE !  

As they were offering complimentary services , I opted for a haircut because hey a Toni & Guy haircut is something not to be missed ! With a whole 15 minutes of discussion with this sweet stylist Nazneen about what I want , what can be done , where would what layer fall , where it will put necessary shadows on my face , where that flick would cover my forehead ,finally the process kicked off . I really liked how at every step she consulted me if it was what I wanted and only proceeded with a heads up from my side . It was such a relaxing experience where you know whats happening and you make your own decisions ( because hair ain’t no joke bruh! ). Thumbs up for the amazing staff too now !

well Hello new hair!well Hello new hair!

well Hello new hair!

The event itself was attended by the creme de la creme of the media and the entertainment industry .Spotted at the venue were reputable names such as Masarrat Misbah of Depilex Beauty Clinic and Smile Again Foundation , Redah Misbah of Depilex Intitute , Peng Qureshi of Peng’s Salon , Waleed Khalid, Hassan Abbas, Raga Boyz , Nayyab  and many more (of course me too 😀 ) 

Oh did I forget the food ? Those Mint Margarita shots and bite size delicacies were catered by none other than Sweet Affairs .( Still thinking about those cupcakes though )

This was all about the Launch of the Johar Town Branch of Toni & Guy North Pakistan . All in all I would say ,if you are a person who just doesn’t like to go to a salon because of the reasons like mine, this is some place you would definitely want to check out on those days when you want to sit back and relax and just have some ME time .

Hope you guys liked this photo walk through the event and the salon. Do let me know in the comments section below . Stay Blessed .X


** Picture Courtesy : Creation Chapter

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