Make a statement with your eyes with K Lens Pop Model Grey Lenses – Review & Looks

If you have been following me on social media, you would know that I have never worn contact lens in any of my looks (up til now) because I have never fancied them much. I mean why would I want my eyes to be blue one day and green on the other? But still I got an opportunity to work with K Lens Pop a few days back. Keep on reading to know what happened next.

K Lens Pop :

K-lens Pop is a leading company of Circle lens and Cosmetic Lens. We are trend maker of beauty lens that make women’ eyes being more beautiful from 10s to 30s,deal with almost every korea lenses to offer costumers more comfortable and various lens 

please take a look at not only our name-brand lenses, but also a variety lenses suitable forgift to your family and friends. 

Model Grey Lens – specifications:

Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25, -0.75 -5.25 -5.75
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

My Experience :

Working with foreign brands has always been a pleasure particularly Korean brands are just amazing!  Working with K Lens Pop is a  pleasure in itself. I chose a grey pair of lens just to see what do I look like (self obsession I know) with grey eyes. The dispatch was immediate and guess what! The parcel was in my hands after 8 days all the way from Korea!  Bravo for such fast delivery. The lens box was nicely packed in bubble wrap and tapped.  It came with an instruction pamphlet and precautions and everything one needs to know. Inside the box, the lens come in sealed vials with plastic tweezers for handling and lens container to put them after opening. In fact everything is provided you just need to buy a lens solution and you are ready to use your lens.

It was my first experience using lens and I was pretty much apprehensive using them gathering all my courage I popped them in my eyes. To be honest I  was expecting watering and redness and heaviness in my eyes. But there was nothing!  It was so easy to put these lens on and I carried them with ease for a good 2-3 hours. They are so thin and flexible that they do not irritate the eyes at all. After my first use, I am sold to K Lens Pop lens.

I was thinking how would the grey lens look on me but these are such natural looking and blend well with natural eye color. Even though these are not large diameter lens, still they give appearance of big eyes and give a doll eye effect.

If you like to wear lens and experiment with different colors than these lens by K Lens Pop are definitely for you!  I highly recommend using these and get tons of compliments from everyone because its so hard to tell if its your natural eye color or you are wearing lens 😉

How they look on me :

My Rating:

K-Lens Pop Top Model Grey Lens score a 5/5 from me ! Definitely worth a try if you like to experiment with colors !

Price & Availability :

K Lens Pop Top Model Grey Lens are available at their website ( HERE ) for $13.00 and they provide with world wide shipping !!

Do check out their Facebook page to stay connected and get all the updates for new arrivals.

Do you wear lens? Which color is your favorite? Have you ever tried K lens Pop lens?  Do let me know in the comments below!

Stay blessed
Sherry k


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27 thoughts on “Make a statement with your eyes with K Lens Pop Model Grey Lenses – Review & Looks

  1. You are right. They look adorable 😀 I have never worn lens either but I would to try some funky colours. Great review -Sadaf

  2. Lens look really good and suits you very well. I always run to the hills from lenses. But I am sure am nearly there to wear them one day 🙂

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