Get Glittery & Glamorous with Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust-Review, swatch and Looks

Last year has been of glittery bright eyes that can make anyone swoon. People have been searching for the glitters everywhere to achieve that fine glitter fit for their eyes that looks luxurious to wear. If you have been following me on Facebook & instagram, you would know I recently did eye looks using glitters. Since many people asked me, I am reviewing my recent loves Christine Cosmetics loose glitters.


SPARKLING DUST : Iridescence color with multidimensional shine & Pearlescent Effect for Eyes,Cheeks & Hair.

My Experience:

Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust

Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust

Christine cosmetics has been my favorite local brand for a very long time be it compacts or lipsticks. I was a bit skeptical while getting these loose glitters but now I am glad I did.
These glitters come in small screw open clear plastic pots with a black caps that close securely. Once you open the cap, there is a seal over the opening which you have to tug open and good thing is its resealable if you be gentle with it. This way its super safe to carry around with you.I have dropped the pots a couple of times(clumsy me) and there was no damage to the pots and there was spillage of product even with the seal removed. The opening is small so its easier to control the product you dispense. Here I suggest taking small amounts of product in the cap and then using them according to need. The clear pot makes it easy to see the color without opening the pot (plus they look super cute on the vanity). The pots have the color names on a sticker under it that makes it easier to identify them. The glitter itself is very fine and there are no large chunks in it. I have 2 colors Gold &  White Gold, both translate beautifully to their true colors on the lid. The finely milled glitter reflects light and looks absolutely gorgeours to wear. Like loose glitters it is not self adhesive and when used dry, the under eye fall out is enormous and it tends to fall all the time.

Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust

Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust


Tips for Application :

Use a wet brush (preferably wet with a setting spray)  to pack the glitters over the lid
When the glitter is still wet apply dry glitter with the help of your fingers and pack to the density you like.
Always use a setting spray after you are done to lock the makeup in place and avoid falling out of glitters.
Don’t use lash glue for these glitters, that will require alot of amount of glitter and will be difficult to remove afterwards.
Apply eyeliner after the glitter application, this will give you clean eye liner. Applying eyeliner before with get it all glittery and you have to apply it again.
Let the glitter dry without opening you eyes to much, this will prevent it from early creasing.


Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust- Swatch (L: White Gold, R: Gold)


Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust in White Gold Used over the Lid

Thumbs up for :

  • Easily available 
  • Super affordable
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Sturdy packaging 
  • Each color has been named 
  • Vibrant and true to its color

Thumbs down for

  • Not self adhesive 
  • Great fall out if used dry 
  • Tends to crease if used heavily wet or eyes opened before it dries

Price & Availability :

Christine cosmetics Loose Glitters are available at all big and small cosmetics counters nation wide with a price tag of PKR 160.

My Rating:

I would give these a whooping  5/5 because they work absolutely amazing for me. It does take a bit of patience and practice to get hold of these, but once you learn, nothing can stop you from getting those glamorous sultry eyes!

Stay Blessed
Sherry K.


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51 thoughts on “Get Glittery & Glamorous with Christine Cosmetics Sparkling Dust-Review, swatch and Looks

  1. Wow they look fab! and you look pretty as always!Love

  2. These look amazing. I agree, loose shimmers can be a bit trickier to use as they tend to fall out and spread every where. Love that look u created. You look gorgeous MA <3

  3. Sound amazing for the price although I don't like loose shimmer at all. Great review ๐Ÿ™‚ You look super pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. These are so pocket friendly, one can practice with them till they find a way! Thank you for the compliment huda :*

  5. I never knew they would look this much pretty <3Lovely look!! <3

  6. lovely shot first of all MA.I was not familiar with Christine, I discovered these sparkling dusts at a cosmetic counter a few days back & I loved these,I am going to dig more stuff from this brand.Really lovely post.

  7. Got them too they are super amazing….in such as affordable price. you look fabulous in the picture.

  8. Ah! People like you who handle loose pigments and products need to be celebrated ๐Ÿ˜€ I cannot… I fumble, I drop, I spread :/These do look enticing <3 Have you tried Vipera or Sweet Touch glitters/pigments so that we can compare? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thank you Bia for the amazing words! I have been eyeing both vipera and sweet touch for a while now. Vipera glitters are good only downfall being the price tag because you need a sealer with them that is equally expensive. Sweet toucj is exactly the same as christine ones as per swatching iver the counter

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